Expertise Established From Daily Case Work Experience 

Our expertise in administrative services is based on eleven years of chapter 11 experience at two of the country's largest law firm bankruptcy practice groups.

Eleven years and tens of thousands of hours of daily chapter 11 creditor and debtor experience provided abundant opportunities for chapter 11 professional development.
During this time, the founder developed knowledge, skills, abilities, methods and standards for work processes, procedures, training and quality control for chapter 11 case work. This hands on experience led to the development of Phase Eleven's chapter 11 expertise which we skillfully apply to every case. 

Effect of Eleven Years of Daily Case Work Experience

The high standards expected of administrative professionals at premier law firm bankruptcy practice groups are the same extremely high standards we apply to all our people and all our case work at Phase Eleven Consultants. 

Our people are rigorously trained in chapter 11 concepts, procedures and timing in order to proactively approach each administrative effort and rapidly respond to each reactive request. 

Our compelling technology, developed directly from our law firm administrative experience will process, document and report on all administrative tasks and will be customized to  specific case needs of chapter 11 debtors, their industry and the professionals who support their restructuring.

Our aggressive project management approach, honed from tens of thousands of hours of complex and contested chapter 11 case work, cement our knowledge, skills, and abilities which we apply to all of our case work today.   

Phase Eleven, developed from the demanding standards of real time chapter 11 debtor case work, stands ready to apply eleven years of excellence to your most demanding chapter 11 challenges to deliver outstanding results.

Our outstanding results will provide an unparalleled commitment to the success of your chapter 11 restructuring for the extension of your business lifecycle.   

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