Expertise Built on Experience: Overview

The founder of Phase Eleven dedicated over eleven years to chapter 11 case work at two of the country's largest law firm restructuring practice groups and started Phase Eleven Consultants out of a pressing need for comprehensive case administration services to chapter 11 cases.

The founder's work presented a wealth of challenges in every facet of a chapter 11, from pre-petition case preparation to post petition case administration and through post confirmation estate administration to case closure.  

The experience offered abundant opportunities to work on a wide range of companies and industries which sought restructuring relief through a variety of case types, from traditional and liquidating traditional,  to prearranged and prepackaged chapter 11 cases.  Attached is an article on chapter 11 case types for review.

The founder's efforts led to numerous accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion, and recommendations.  They also led to the development of a set of finely tuned methods,  processes, procedures, quality, standards, technology and training for achieving administrative excellence during a chapter 11 case.  We termed them the "Elements of Excellence", which our team applies to every assignment in every case to provide comprehensive administrative services.

Expertise Built Experience: Services and "Elements of Excellence"

Phase Eleven provides expertise and the "elements of excellence" for the following case services:

Business Operations: Assist company with creditor information and legal noticing for asset abandonment, asset sales, contracts, data management, operational liens and operational compliance.

Case Administration: Assist case professionals and creditors with information regarding hearing dates, objection deadlines, contact information, responding to inquiries, clustering of pleadings, company communications, case status updates, bankruptcy code deadlines, court ordered deadlines, transactional deadlines and U.S. Trustee requirements.

Case Preparation: Creditor diligence assembly, reporting, research for exhibits, conflicts, notice lists; database development of creditors and case management, schedules and statements, claims and disbursement.

Claims Processing and Resolution: Assist company and case professionals with proof of claim processing, including database mailing, intake, review and reporting of filed claims, creditor inquiry response, claims transfer processing, claims objection custom service and follow up, claims order service of process, response tracking and claims classification for solicitation.

Data Organization and Reference: Creditor information from all services is matched and cross-referenced in our relational restructuring database for business operations and case management reporting and summary.

Due Diligence Support: Diligence materials produced in response to 2004 document production, preference actions, relief from stay, and other chapter 11 related litigation actions are organized and recorded in our database for quick response and historical reference.

Disbursement: Assist with detailed plan of reorganization class claims objection and approval process for class settlement and payment; issue reports and coordinate with third party payment agencies for equities distribution; issue, mail and follow on cash settlement payments to settled claims; and database management.

Noticing: Assist company and case professionals with legal service, distribution and certification of bankruptcy pleadings; track and report on filed objections; group and organize filed objections on case management website.

Post Confirmation Estate Services: Continue to assist company with claims resolution; preference action assistance; pleadings service; post confirmation checklist assistance; prepare reports and logistics for class settlement distributions; and execute settled plan class distributions.

Schedules and Statements: Interview company and prepare draft schedules and statements with case professionals and company for court filing.

Solicitation: Assist company and case professionals with solicitation class and materials preparation for plan of reorganization. Assist with solicitation packaging, mailing, tracking, recording, reporting, tabulation and validation.

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