Invest in Interrelatedness

Interrelatedness: Today's Events Affecting Tomorrow's Outcomes

Interrelatedness is a Phase Eleven difference which will benefit case professionals, debtor companies and creditors. Interrelatedness of chapter 11 pleadings and principles is part of proactive thinking and project management which Phase Eleven Consultants bring to every case.

Interrelatedness means understanding which pleadings or compliance materials are related to one another and in what way. Interrelatedness is at the core of our database design and a significant aspect of the comprehensive creditor record during the course of a case.

The utility creditor on today's notice may be needed for tomorrow's schedule of liabilities, or in response to their deposit demand, or for future litigation settlement.  By maintaining a concise creditor record today for one issue, that same record can be reused or used as reference for an issue which occurs tomorrow.       

Interrelatedness Example: Schedule G Contract Creditor

Contract creditor information listed on Schedule G can be reused during claims processing for verification and reconciliation.  That same contract creditor's information can be reused for schedules to asset sale agreements or exhibits to motions to assume or reject a contract.  The contract creditor data is interrelated to other documents and actions which occur during the case.

Interrelatedness: Data Clustering for Cost Savings

By clustering or grouping associated creditor data, the Phase Eleven database will save a company money.  Avoiding duplication of previous data will provide supporting documentation for the work product of today and tomorrow.

Interrelatedness Example: Notice Creditor

A list of vendors, input into our database today, could have a lot of use for the case work product of tomorrow. A few examples include:

At Phase Eleven, we believe an investment in the interrelatedness and integrity of today's data will yield strong cost savings and case efficiencies for the results of tomorrow

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