Our Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Overview

Chapter 11 knowledge, skills and abilities, developed from over fifty bankruptcy cases during the course of an eleven year commitment to corporate restructuring, is at the foundation of our operations.   

Tens of thousands of hours of demanding daily chapter 11 case work established our founder's deep working knowledge of chapter 11

§  Concepts

§  Compliance Reporting

§  Interconnections

§  Pleadings

§  Policies

§  Procedures

§  Reoccurring Events

§  Local Rules

§  Administrative Guidelines

§  Terms of Art

§  Timing

§  Phases of the Case

and in turn were used as the basis for our training and workflow methodologies for all chapter 11 case issues at each phase of the case: pre-petition, post petition, or post confirmation. 

At Phase Eleven, we believe these knowledge, skills and abilities will provide case administration services which are unparalled and turn will help you reach your restructuring goals.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Prepetition Case Preparation

Whether our work involves the preparation of equity security holder lists, consolidated lists of creditors, first day pleading affected party notice lists, case administration database setup, or post-filing communication response, our case preparation team stands ready to apply their chapter 11 working knowledge, critical thinking and pointed communication to respond to all your case preparation needs.

At Phase Eleven, we have extensive working knowledge of the contents, purposes, subtleties and differences of information needed for the preparation of first day pleadings and are prepared to provide assistance. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Post Petition Reorganization 

Executing service of process of customized claims objection notices in the post petition period for example, requires skillful attention to detail. Claims, objection reasoning, notice packet and distribution methods must be paired and executed in a single seamless process which efficiently and effectively provides notice of objection to a claimant.  Tracking, return to sender and certificate of service follow up must be rigidly adhered to in order insure completion of the initial objection process.

Phase Eleven Consultants understands the contents, concepts, processes and procedures necessary to execute one of the most important aspects of post petition casework, the claims process.  We will apply our claims knowledge, skills and abilities to every task, project and request associated with a well executed claims process. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Post Confirmation

Phase Eleven Consultants understand that claims classification and resolution plays an equally important role in plan confirmation, as well as post-effective date distribution.  This is why we use our Relational Restructuring Database as a compliment to our knowledge, skills and abilities to meticulously track, report and communicate on claims disposition details, providing real-time secured online access to case professionals.

At Phase Eleven, we believe that chapter 11 knowledge, skills and abilities are essential elements to the success of a restructuring, allowing for case efficiencies and cost effectiveness which benefit case professionals, creditors and debtor companies alike.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities are part of the Phase Eleven difference.  They are an essential element in the Phase Eleven chapter 11 case experience and we invite you to request a presentation on how we will apply them to your traditional, liquidating traditional, prearranged and prepackaged cases today.

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.