Firm Overview

Phase Eleven Consultants - Next Generation Administrative Services Firm

We are the next generation of administrative service firms providing comprehensive case services and support to chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy cases. Establishing high standards and delivering on them, we will conquer all of your chapter 11 challenges.

Chapter 11: A Phase in The Lifecycle

Phase Eleven was founded by an administrative services professional who understood that chapter 11 had become an opportunity to restore a company's viability and extend profitability.  The name "Phase Eleven" is derived from the idea that chapter 11 restructuring is critical to the extension of a company's lifecycle.  Instead of sliding into decline and closure, chapter 11 allows a troubled company to restructure its debts and operations in an organized fashion and extend its business lifecycle

Through the use of chapter 11, troubled companies have a chance to preserve jobs and continue providing and purchasing goods or services, among other objectives.

Through the use of chapter 11, continuity can remain in the business community and a troubled company can extend its business lifecycle. 

Extending The Business Lifecycle Through Chapter 11 Can Be Challenging

A chapter 11 restructuring involves bankruptcy code rules and statutes, compliance requirements, creditor demands, local court rules and orders, filed pleadings, and United States Trustee regulations. 

During a chapter 11, the company itself will undergo significant changes to, among other things, business operations, corporate organization, executive leadership, employee issues, financial reporting and go-to-market strategies and tactics.  

Knowledgeable and skilled attorneys and advisors will guide the company through these chapter 11 challenges as they occur in each phase of the pre-petition, post petition, or post confirmation restructuring.

Knowledgeable and skilled attorneys and advisors will need an administrative services firm capable of supporting the company and their case professionals through these chapter 11 challenges.             

Phase Eleven Consultants - Conquering Your Chapter 11 Challenges

Phase Eleven Consultants will conquer your chapter 11 challenges at every point in a chapter 11 case.   

Phase Eleven Consultants is the administrative services firm to provide expertise, manpower, services, and the technology necessary to achieve cutting edge, comprehensive results for case professionals, creditors, the court, and the United States Trustee throughout the course of a chapter 11 case.

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