Chapter 11 Professionals

Demands of Today's Professionals

As a busy chapter 11 professional, your time is limited because your client's time is extremely limited.  You are on the firing line where decisions are often reactive, but your work product must be proactive.

Demands such as analysis of business operations, cash flow, cash management, corporate governance, debt compliance, debt structure, director and officer issues, employee retention, litigation and taxation place a heavy burden on your firm's resources.

Stop gap measures must be implemented, decisions revisited, resources reallocated, directions must be shifted and preparations for chapter 11 filings must begin. You need an administrative services firm equipped with the expertise, resources and technology to conquer all of your chapter 11 challenges.

Phase Eleven is your choice for all of your administrative chapter 11 challenges because we have the knowledge, skills and abilities developed over the past eleven years of direct debtor casework to do the job.

Our Relational Restructuring Database is the administrative backbone for record keeping and reporting of all creditor information during the lifetime of a chapter 11 case.

  • Technology that eliminates redundancy, increases efficiency and in turn lowers costs to debtor companies
  • Technology developed directly out of the experience that only eleven years of direct debtor casework can provide

We Speak Your Language

Chapter 11 choices, such as how and when to file for protection, may be influenced by creditors, but become the burden of the debtor.  Choices such as prepackaged, prearranged, traditional and liquidating chapter 11 cases can offer sophisticated solutions that require substantial commitment on the part of the company and case professionals.

Phase Eleven are administrative professionals providing comprehensive services that support all of your chapter 11 challenges, including: business operations, case administration, case preparation, claims processing and resolution, data organization and reference, due diligence support, disbursement, noticing, post confirmation estate services, schedules and statements, solicitation and all other administrative case needs.

  • We are well versed in the structure and content of chapter 11 pleadings, their purpose and interrelationship to strategies, tactics and future goals of restructuring.
  • We understand chapter 11 business and management principles involved in strategic planning, restructuring methods and coordination of people and resources. 
  • We have established firm principles and processes for providing excellent creditor and client services.

A Business Model Built Around Chapter 11 Case Types

Chapter 11 case types such as:  prepackaged, prearranged, traditional and liquidating traditional, form the foundation for distinct debtor company and industry specific solutions.

Our services business model, based on our founder's debtor practice experience with each of the chapter 11 case types, is geared to provide the appropriate resources and responsive results or solutions during the pre-petition, post petition and post confirmation phases of these cases.

Knowledge Drives Results: 

Our consultants are trained to utilize their chapter 11 knowledge to drive results at every point on every project throughout a chapter 11 case. 

For instance, a Phase Eleven Consultant knows that certain provisions to case management orders can supplement or supersede a federal or local rule.  Case management knowledge that drives results related to service of process, case information webpage updates and creditor communications.

Phase Eleven knows chapter 11 reference terms and what they imply simply by their name.

  • An OCP or ordinary course professional receives notice of the filing and an affidavit of disinterestedness, which must be filed with the court prior to receiving payment, is a value added result for case professionals (quarterly payment reports) and company executives (continuity of non-bankruptcy professional services).
  • We leverage our knowledge to produce work product such as: OCP payment reports, response to OCP inquiries, legal notices and organization of related information.

Providing knowledge-driven results is one of our core post petition missions.

Realized Post Petition Results Through Application of Skills and Abilities:

During the course of a chapter 11 case, debtor companies are challenged by issues as varied as: creditor inquiries, scheduled liability classification, 503(b)(9) claims resolution, convenience class solicitation and post confirmation estate disbursement.

Our consultants are prepared to proactively prepare for and reactively respond to case issues through the use of their chapter 11 skills and abilities. 

Schedules and Statements Example: 

  • Our consultants will use careful thought and consideration of company data for the preparation of schedules of assets and liabilities and statements of financial affairs which will lead to cost efficient savings and timely project outcomes
  • Our consultants leverage their skills to communicate purpose, processes and expectations for content and time management in the preparation of schedules and statements
  • Our consultants will actively listen and provide responsive solutions to company management tasked with the preparation of schedules and statements

Phase Eleven is prepared to leverage tested and trusted methods of casework experience to conquer the chapter 11 challenges of today for the outstanding results of tomorrow.

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.