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Resource Center Overview 

The Phase Eleven Resource Center is a dynamically populated online repository and reference tool for information about chapter 11 companies, documents, pleadings and research materials. 

The founder of Phase Eleven dedicated eleven years of administrative effort to restructuring of over fifty companies.  Phase Eleven Consultants continues that work as a premier administrative services provider for chapter 11 companies.  

We believe that knowledge of chapter 11 cases, concepts and documents is valuable to all involved and as such, we provide this Resource Center for the purpose of fostering greater understanding and awareness of resources and documents, which contain information about a chapter 11 company and the course of its bankruptcy case. 

The Resource Center includes explanations about:

Bankruptcy Courts and Cases

Finding a bankruptcy case can be challenging and this section will show you how to find bankruptcy cases and utilize federal court websites to obtain bankruptcy case information. We offer some simple guidance, for first time, infrequent or non-bankruptcy professional users of the federal court PACER system, on navigating your way around court links and docket sheets to find information or pleadings, which respond to your issues.

Understanding Bankruptcy Pleadings

Bankruptcy pleadings can be lengthy and complicated, but once you understand the general form and contents, they can become easier to review and understand.  Thousands of creditors will receive chapter 11 pleadings either in part as a legal notice or in whole for their review.  The goal of this section is to provide a better understanding of how to review and generally interpret a chapter 11 pleading for a first time, infrequent or non-bankruptcy professional user.

Bankruptcy Case Professionals

Every chapter 11 bankruptcy will employ and compensate a variety of different professionals during the course of the case.  This section provides information on the different professionals involved in a chapter 11 and distinguishes them from non-bankruptcy or "ordinary course professionals". The goal is to provide a better understanding of what each professional provides to the case and how their work is related to the case. By understanding the various professionals and their roles, people unfamiliar with bankruptcy cases and court dockets will be better able to search for and find relevant case information.

Sequence of Bankruptcy Cases and Events

Bankruptcy cases all have phases and events which reoccur from case to case.  Understanding the different phases can lead to greater understanding about the current status and future direction of the case.  We provide general information on the phases of any bankruptcy case and specific information about bankruptcy case types and the features which distinguish each of them. 

The goal is to provide a better understanding of the phases of every chapter 11 case in order  for first time, infrequent or non-bankruptcy professional users to develop a perspective as to the current and future status of any case. 

SEC Chapter 11 Information

The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") requires companies who issue public debt to file reports which include financial and operational information.  Information which all parties to a chapter 11 case may find of interest to their involvement. We provide:

  • Guidance on how to use the Securities and Exchange Commission's public website to obtain information about a bankrupt company, which may be a "public company" or have issued public debt, such as common and preferred stock or equity securities.
  • An overview of some common documents which restructuring professionals themselves utilize to analyze and assist with the preparation and conduct of a chapter 11 bankruptcy.  

If a company has issued public debt, they will have filed documents with the SEC, which discloses information including, but not limited to: the company, its executives, finances, operations and pending litigation.  The information contained in these public documents may answer questions about the company and its current situation.

Private Sector Chapter 11 Information

In the event a chapter 11 debtor company does not have publicly available information, there are alternative resources to the SEC.  In this section, we provide a listing and some basic information about alternative resources to information about companies which have not issued public debt

The alternate resources listed in this section will  hopefully benefit bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy professionals alike when searching for information about a chapter 11 company.   

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy News

This section provides a list of online,  print publications and resources for anyone interested in finding in-depth specific bankruptcy news and information about a chapter 11 company or its bankruptcy case.

The goal is to provide an additional resource for bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy professionals alike to utilize for information about a chapter 11 company.   

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