Post Confirmation Estate

Technology Solutions for Post Confirmation Estate  

Post confirmation administrators will be absolutely thrilled with the wealth of data available at their fingertips from our Microsoft SQL Server developed Relational Restructuring Database for use in resolution of estate issues.

Upon confirmation of the plan of reorganization, an estate administrator is appointed.  That administrator is tasked with among other activities, winding down the assets of the estate through abandonment or sale, objection to and settling claims, governing the disbursement process and pursuing recovery of pre-petition payments made to creditors prior to the filing of the bankruptcy.

The administrator will rely, in part, on the historical record generated during the course of the case to conduct the activities of winding down the estate.  Because the case utilized our Relational Restructuring Database a vast amount of individual historical creditor information is available for reporting, review, analysis and use in response to creditor demands, settlements and class payments.

The sum of the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 expertise is  integrated into the design and implementation of our Relational Restructuring Database for the benefit of all parties to a case.

In addition to claims objection and settlement, the Relational Restructuring Database will process and report on the following post confirmation estate services:

With the post confirmation estate continuing on for several years after the confirmation of a plan of reorganization, it is ever more important to leverage the power of the Relational Restructuring Database for the creditor history in settlement of claims and the organization of remaining business operations for maximum recovery under the rules and procedures established in the court approved plan of reorganization.

Phase Eleven Consultants Microsoft SQL Server custom built technology will lead the way in comprehensive assistance to effective and efficient wind down of the estate.

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