Case Preparation

Technology Solutions for Case Preparation

Our Microsoft SQL Server enabled Relational Restructuring Database was designed and built from our founder's eleven years of preparing chapter 11 bankruptcy cases for the purpose of providing comprehensive support to case professionals tasked with responding to conflicting case preparation challenges.  

During the pre-petition or preparation phase of the case, attorneys and advisors will prepare pleadings seeking court approval to continue, among other things: customer programs, employee benefits and wages, insurance coverage, tax paymentsa cash management system and utility management.  

At the same time, attorneys and advisors will be faced with a myriad of company stabilization issues relating to, but not exclusive of:

  • Cash conservation and management
  • Debt forbearance
  • Executive and board of director's updates
  • Trade creditor settlements

This many conflicting case preparation challenges called for a comprehensive organizational solution which could record and report on all this information while at the same time "build up" a creditor record for the life of the chapter 11 case. 

Part of the internal structure of our Microsoft SQL Server enabled database was developed to build on and associate information to a pre-petition creditor record over the course of a chapter 11 case.  A record of creditor information, developed at the start of the case, which impacts long term decisions, directions, pleadings and settlements, over the course of the case. 

The sum of the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 expertise is  integrated into the design and implementation of our Relational Restructuring Database for the benefit of all parties to a case.

Phase Eleven will leverage our Relational Restructuring Database for diligence requests, first day pleadings, notice list preparation or pleading exhibits to provide solid support to all your case preparation issues including, but not limited to:

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