Business Operations

Technology Solutions for Business Operations

We designed and developed the Relational Restructuring Database utilizing Microsoft SQL Server technology, as part of our commitment to comprehensive chapter 11 case support, to input, record, track, and report on all business operation issues which include, but are not limited to:

We know that realignment of business operations can be time and resource intensive, occuring at a point in the company's lifecycle when both are in short supply. 

Business operations relief from the bankruptcy court represents a phenomenal opportunity for a chapter 11 debtor to return to post confirmation profitability

Case professionals and the company will work together to realign certain existing business operations and close others for the benefit of increased cash reserves and disposal of burdensome assets or contracts.  

Pleadings will be filed, served, objected and responded to, and an order may be granted.  Case professionals will want to track, record and report on related creditor communications, diligence files, hearing information and pleadings.    

The Phase Eleven Microsoft SQL Server enabled Relational Restructuring Database will be the single secure, online source for case professionals and company officials to keep track of all that information during the rapid pace of the restructuring.  

The sum of the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 expertise is  integrated into the design and implementation of our Relational Restructuring Database for the benefit of all parties to a case. 

Use the Relational Restructuring Database for all your business operations organizational needs and realize the value that eleven years of chapter 11 experience brought to a database that provides comprehensive, interrelated, hyperfast and secure  case connectivity.

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