Companies preparing for and engaged in a chapter 11 case demand comprehensive results because of the many restructuring challenges they face.  Corporate restructuring challenges, combined with chapter 11 case challenges, can quickly compete for the attention of executives, employees and case professionals.   Challenges such as:

 Corporate Challenges

Chapter 11 Challenges

§  Cash flow and management

§  Chapter 11 case compliance

§  Debt compliance and structure

§  Chapter 11 orders compliance

§  Employee retention

§  Court filings and hearings

§  Corporate governance

§  Creditor responses

§  Creditor litigation

§  Restructuring goals

Our administrative operations team will provide exacting processes, knowledgeable and skilled assistance, targeted information and rapid courteous responses to deliver outstanding case results for your next chapter 11 case. 

Chapter 11 Services Results

We drive chapter 11 services results for case professionals, debtor companies and creditors based on our founder's eleven years of chapter 11 case expertise. We have tremendous experience with the contents, purpose and procedures for chapter 11 pleadings and procedures and will engage in every effort during the case with our fullest attention and commitment to deliver comprehensive results.

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Our chapter 11 case results will allow case professionals and the company to see the entire picture and be prepared to respond with precision to resolve issues and receive the requested relief. 

In the preparation phase of each service, we will provide the following results: 

§  Provide pertinent precedent

§  Calculations & distribution methodologies

§  Report on pre-existing diligence

§  Service of process noticing logistics

§  Prepare custom notice lists

§  Prepare custom webpage for updates

§  Prepare custom notices

§  Cross-match of data

§  Prepare custom publication templates

§  Chapter 11 timelines

§  Assist with searches

§  Chapter 11 templates

§  Encoding of search results

§  Chapter 11 meeting materials

§  Classification of data

§  Database tracking

§  Issue specific secure online libraries


In the processing phase of each service, we will provide the following results: 

§  Execute service and document prep

§  Custom webpage updates

§  Associate creditor contract records

§  Critical dates tracking and reporting

§  Attend briefing meetings with company

§  Respond to creditor inquiries

§  Track service of processes

§  Track & report objections and responses

§  Input and process received materials

§  Track & report undeliverable and unclaimed

§  Provide secure online access

§  Track & report withdrawals and settlements

§  Provide limited public access

§  Provide information about case protocols

§  Post & group pleadings to website page

§  Document production organization

§  Coordinate with third party distributors

§  Execute disbursements

§  Database file merging

§  Provide testimony

§  Creditor inquiry response

§  Follow up on third party case compliance

§  Execute and filed affidavits

§  Diligence reporting and organization

§  Provide compliance reporting


At the end of each project or service, we will deliver the following results:  

§  Confidence in completion

§  Rapid, courteous response

§  Addition to historical creditor record

§  Relational restructuring database accuracy

§  Well prepared court professionals

§  Easy to use technology

§  Well prepared for creditor responses

§  Assurance of quality work

§  Accurate backup materials

§  Continuous status

§  Instant online accessibility to all records

§  Current communications

At Phase Eleven, it is our promise to conquer your chapter 11 case challenges and deliver the most outstanding case results throughout the course of a case.

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.