Pre-petition Chapter 11 Results

Pre-petition Chapter 11 Case Overview

The pre-petition phase of the case begins upon engagement of case professionals to discuss and prepare first day pleadings with a core team of company employees. 


Outstanding results for the pre-petition phase are centered around comprehensive preparation of first day pleadings, assembly and organization of data for use throughout the case, and providing assistance to all case professionals and company officials.

Outstanding results mean delivery and organization of pinpoint diligence, related to accounts payable processing, company operations, debt structure and employees for first day pleadings and input into our Relational Restructuring Database.  Establishing a creditor history and re-use for all future communications, compliance materials and  filed court pleadings.

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Outstanding results mean clear, pointed communication with the company about content, constructs, purpose, and timing of documents and events related to chapter 11 pleadings and the bankruptcy case. 

Pre-petition Chapter 11 Case Results

The founder of Phase Eleven leveraged his chapter 11 skills and abilities into production tools and methods to create a team of highly trained professionals who realize real time results for case professionals, creditors and the company alike.

Phase Eleven's case preparation team will drive outstanding results by assisting professionals with information assembly and preparation for first day filing utilizing methodologies perfected at two of the country's premier law firm bankruptcy practices.     

Phase Eleven's case preparation team will organize and record pleading diligence in the Relational Restructuring Database for reference and re-use in all future communications, compliance materials and filed court pleadings. 

As part of our outstanding results, Phase Eleven's case preparation team will provide insight and a team oriented atmosphere, fostering goodwill and a commitment to solid case preparation.  Experience-based pre-petition services involve:

  • Assembling, reviewing, and organizing all creditor data for life of case updates, for use in business operations noticing, schedules and statements, claims, solicitation, and disbursement
  • Preparing legal notice lists and methods
  • Preparing pleading exhibit lists
  • Exhibiting diligence for pleadings
  • Preparing electronic precedent library for information sharing cost savings
  • Case management page coding
  • Organizing call center support team and scripts

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