At Phase Eleven, we define our results standard based on the founder's eleven years of commitment to demanding chapter 11 case work experience at two of the country's largest law firms. 

During the course of over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder developed a set of methods, procedures and standards for producing outstanding results, which earned numerous accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion and recommendations. 

The same results driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

We termed these developments the "Elements of Excellence" and our trained team of case professionals apply them to every assignment in every case for comprehensive administrative services. 

Part of our "Elements of Excellence" are:

  • Knowledge: Knowledge of the interrelationship of filed pleadings to business operations, case administration and restructuring efforts to ensure comprehensive coverage of individual chapter 11 issues.
  • Detail: Careful analysis and review of creditor details throughout all case processes.
  • Attitude: Our never-say-no, always available attitude at every point in turn will contribute to comprehensive results. 
  • Critical thinking: Careful listening, consideration of case administration procedures, drawing on past experience and diligent case follow up will contribute to comprehensive results.
  • Project management: A proactive approach invoking prior case experience and proper allocation of resources and timing will contribute to comprehensive results.
  • Success: A consistent focus on achieving project success at every point during the chapter 11 will contribute to comprehensive results.

Based on these "Elements of Excellence", at the end of each project or service, we believe in making sure we have delivered the following results:  

§  Confidence in completion

§  Rapid, courteous response

§  Addition to historical creditor record

§  Relational Restructuring Database Accuracy

§  Well prepared court professionals

§  Easy to use technology

§  Well prepared for creditor responses

§  Assurance of quality work

§  Accurate backup materials

§  Continuous status

§  Instant online accessibility to all records

§  Current, concise information

At Phase Eleven, it is our promise to conquer your chapter 11 case challenges and deliver the most outstanding case results throughout the course of a case.

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