Services for Chapter 11

Services Standard: Companies and Industries Are Distinct 

Phase Eleven administrative services, while consistently comprehensive for every chapter 11, account for inconsistencies and differences among companies filing for chapter 11.

A retail company with hundreds and thousands of locations across the United States  has distinct business operations, creditor relationships, debt structures, and industry competition that is very different from that of a manufacturing company with multiple distribution centers, plants, and warehouses.

Circumstances such as cash burn rates and demands, creditor relationships, litigation issues, debt structures and compliance and operational issues in conjunction with complex business operations differ widely among companies within the same industry and among companies within different industries.   

These circumstances will dictate the type of chapter 11 which the company must file and in turn the amount of resources and support case professionals such as Phase Eleven Consultants must provide to ensure case success.   

Phase Eleven consultants, as experienced administrative professionals, will consider these facts and circumstances, which lead to the choice of a particular chapter 11, when preparing for and responding to the demands of each reorganization. 

Services Standard: Consider The Chapter 11 Case Type

Case professionals will consider filing one of four main types of chapter 11 cases to protect and reorganize a company.  These types of chapter 11 cases are known as prearranged, prepackaged, traditional or liquidating traditional.  Each type of chapter 11 proceeds at a different pace and requires consideration of different amounts and types of administrative resources and support to achieve administrative excellence.

Services Standard: Prepare For and Respond To Case Demands

Phase Eleven consultants tailor our standard chapter 11 case services in consideration of the company and industry demands, the chapter 11 case type, creditors, the court and the United States Trustee.

For example, a manufacturing company, filing a traditional chapter 11 bankruptcy case, will face internal and external demands that will stretch its resources beyond its limits and require administrative support in responding to database legacy reporting issues, first day lien creditor demands, and litigation notification responses.  A holding company, filing for a prepackaged chapter 11 bankruptcy case will face the simultaneous demands of prepetition solicitation and tabulation, and first day pleading preparation.

Phase Eleven Consultants will consider company and case facts and circumstances in deciding where to apply resources and support to each one of the following aspects of the chapter 11:   

§  Business Operations

§  Case Administration

§  Case Preparation

§  Claims Processing

§  Data Organization

§  Diligence Support

§  Disbursement Services

§  Noticing

§  Post Confirmation Services

§  Schedules and Statements

§  Solicitation

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