Chapter 11 Technology

Services Standard: Using Technology to Keep Data Connected

We termed our technology the "Relational Restructuring Database" because it is employed in every aspect of our work, throughout the lifetime of the chapter 11 case, maintaining an interrelated historical record of creditors to all communications, mailings, pleadings, resolutions and settlements.

  1. A historical record which can provide rapid research, reports and responses to creditor inquiries via secure online access anywhere in the world?
  2. A database capable of tracking, grouping and reporting on creditor and debtor case activities to support all chapter 11 case services?
  3. A database, customizable to the specific needs of the chapter 11 debtors, their industry and the professionals who support their restructuring?

Now that's powerful and compelling technology which any case professional or company official can appreciate.  It's powerful and compelling technology which  helps Phase Eleven Consultants provide comprehensive case services and achieve administrative excellence at every point in turn during a chapter 11 case.

All communications, documents, hearings and pleadings within the chapter 11 contain recordable and relatable data. The Phase Eleven relational restructuring database was built to warehouse and interrelate all of this data for the purpose of connecting data to documents and documents to case professionals, creditors and the company. Our database is the single source for all case professionals and creditors to use as a reference for chapter 11 issues.

Services Standard: The Origins of Our Relational Restructuring Database 

The design and development of the Relational Restructuring Database comes directly from our founder's exacting law firm administrative experience, which exposed the need for a higher level of administrative database capability to respond to the ever pressing demands of today's sophisticated restructuring. 

Eleven years of preparing for and responding to chapter 11 case administration issues affected by rules, guidelines, policies, procedures, language, reoccurring events and standards, during pre-petition, post petition, and post confirmation phases of the case demanded comprehensive technology.     

Administrative database capability which could provide a comprehensive accounting of each creditor's interaction with the bankrupt estate during the course of a chapter 11 case.  Database capability which could be customized to the particular needs of the company and its industry to maximize the information available to all case professionals and creditors in the interest of a cost effective and efficient restructuring.

The Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database will provide pointed and relevant data in response to all chapter 11 administrative issues for the most cost efficient and effective restructuring possible.    

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