Business Operations

Post Petition Services: Business Operations Overview 

During chapter 11, a company will go through operational restructuring efforts to increase cash reserves, dispose of burdensome assets or contracts and  restructure operations through careful creditor management.  These post petition actions are known as business operations. 

Business operation restructuring includes efforts such as:  

Business operations relief from the bankruptcy court represents a phenomenal opportunity for a chapter 11 debtor to return to post confirmation profitability. 

Financial, investment and restructuring advisors, working at the direction of the company, will analyze post petition business operations and company diligence to recommend certain courses of action to maximize the effect of the chapter 11.  The accepted recommendations become pleadings filed with the bankruptcy court and are served on and objected to by creditors affected by their filing.

Phase Eleven, through the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 post petition experience, developed a set of knowledge, skills, abilities and methodologies for providing superior administrative service to attorneys, financial, investment and restructuring advisors in response to all business operation needs.     

Post Petition Services: Business Operations Services

Phase Eleven will help attorneys and advisors eliminate time spent chasing, organizing and reporting on diligence materials for post petition business operation preparations, allowing them to focus on obtaining relief for the chapter 11 company.

Phase Eleven will leverage the interrelated reporting benefits of the Relational Restructuring Database to provide previously prepared data for post petition business operation analysis and pleading preparation.  

Phase Eleven will provide administrative assistance for all business operation efforts during a chapter 11 restructuring including, but not limited to: collection, processing, reporting and warehousing of supporting data, filed pleadings and executed agreements.

Phase Eleven has the expertise of eleven years of chapter 11 post petition case work to provide insight, assistance and organization to your chapter 11 business operations issues. Through the use of our Relational Restructuring Database we have the ability to organize, prepare and report on previously obtained and newly obtained data for all supporting materials for your business operational restructuring efforts.

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