Case Administration

Post Petition Services: Case Administration Overview

Case administration in chapter 11 is all about dedicated attention to the organizational details of deadlines, dates, times, and contact information related to:

Every post petition court communication, document, or pleading exchanged or filed may generate action items, completion deadlines, and compliance requirements which case professionals and debtor companies are responsible for during the course of a case.

Case professionals spend a good amount of time and resources keeping track of all post petition organizational information. Critical dates lists, works in progress, procedures memoranda, professionals' payment tracking, and case procedures protocol summaries are a few popular methods utilized on a case by case basis.

Phase Eleven offers administrative assistance and a simple technological solution for tracking all case administration organizational detail--our Relational Restructuring Database. 

Post Petition Services: Case Administration Services

Every Phase Eleven case professional leverages use our Relational Restructruing Database to encode, report and update case administration issues during the lifetime of a case in order to build a comprehensive case record.   

Coupling administrative excellence training with a case database that can support any post petition chapter 11 administrative need results in the most comprehensive case services available for your present day restructuring. 

Our case administration services are the hallmark of the Phase Eleven name, and are a part of all the administrative assistance that we provide.  Attached is an informative article on case administration services: Necessity of Case Administration Services 

The following is a partial list of our case administration services available for your next chapter 11:

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