Claims Processing and Resolution

Post Petition Services: Claims Process Overview 

In many chapter 11 cases, a claims process is established to provide creditors an opportunity to assert a claim against one or more of the companies in chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Here is a sample claims processing or "bar date" order which establishes the claims process: Sample Proof of Claims Bar Date Order 

The post petition phase of the case initiates the proof of claims process with court approval of a bar date motion.  The bar date motion establishes:

  1. The proof of claim forms and customized fields
  2. The last date for general and governmental creditors to file claims
  3. Processes and procedures for the distribution, receipt and recordation of claims

Customized claim forms and instructions are mailed to creditors of the chapter 11 company.  Creditors complete the forms and return them to Phase Eleven for processing, review and reporting to case professionals.

All received claims are file stamped, recorded and imaged into the Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database.  Filed claims are associated with scheduled liabilities and either approved or slated for objection.  Phase Eleven provides comprehensive claims reports to assist with company reconciliation for approval or objection.   Claims reconciliation which involves substantive and non-substantive court filed objections to filed proofs of claim.   

Post petition review, analysis and approval or objection of claims after the claims bar dates have passed involves a substantial amount of administrative effort and chapter 11 case experience. 

The founder of Phase Eleven built a claims processing team around his eleven years of claims experience at two of the countries largest chapter 11 practice groups.  The results of his administrative claims efforts yielded accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion and recommendation for future cases. 

Post Petition Services: Claims Process Services

The Phase Eleven claims processing team stands ready to conquer your claims administration challenges which include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation and mailing of customized proof of claim forms to creditors
  • Intake, recording and reporting of returned completed claims
  • Administrative assistance with analysis and approval or objection of claims
  • Customized claimant objection noticing for objected claims
  • Claims trading processing, review, approval and objection

Phase Eleven will leverage our claims processing and resolution expertise and database technology to the fullest extent to ensure accurate, comprehensive and responsive claims processing. 

Phase Eleven is perfectly suited to provide comprehensive claims processing because of the founder's extensive outstanding claims service accomplished over eleven years of creditor and debtor case work.  From the claims processing team, to the Relational Restructuring Database, we have the tools and techniques to conquer all your post petition claims processing challenges.

Phase Eleven will provide the following claims services during the post peition phase of the chapter 11 case:




§  Schedules cross-check

§  Receipt and review

§  Classification for solicitation

§  Customized claims

§  Input and association

§  Clustering for objection

§  Pack, ship, and track

§  Claims register filing

§  Online reporting access

§  Return to sender

§  Timely status reports

§  Web review with company

§  Creditor inquiries

§  Custom claim reports

§  Claims transfer processing

§  Online bar date updates

§  Public access claims

§  Experience insight objections



§  Claims order tracking



§  Claims objection processing



§  Claims register filing



§  Public access claims

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