Post Confirmation Services: Disbursement Overview 

One of the most important functions of the post confirmation estate is to commence and complete distribution or disbursement of funds in full satisfaction of creditor claims and class treatment

Creditors who are either listed in the company's schedules of liabilities or have filed approved claims, may be entitled to a payment in satisfaction of their pre-petition or post petition claims.  The payment, determined by their approved claim amount calculated through the plan of reorganization class treatment, may be made either in the form of a direct disbursement check or in the form of a security issued through a third party such as American Stock Transfer. 

Phase Eleven's disbursement services team will employ the standards and practices associated with top tier law firm bankruptcy groups, along with leading edge technology, to provide comprehensive disbursement services.  Our disbursement services include, but are not limited to:

Post Confirmation Services: Disbursement Services

With the Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database and our comprehensive administrative services, estate administrators will receive outstanding customer service and support for the following disbursement issues:

  • Prepare and report on disbursement diligence to estate administrator
  • Assist with information and processing related to disbursement estate litigation 
  • Provide preference actions diligence for disbursement reconciliation
  • Issue reports and coordinate with third party payment agencies for equities distribution
  • Issue, mail, and follow up with cash settlement and equities distribution
  • Disbursement database management
  • Provide comprehensive disbursement service of process fulfillment
  • Respond to return to sender disbursement follow-up
  • Provide secure online access and customized reporting for disbursement services

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