Post Confirmation Estate Services

Post Confirmation Services: Post Confirmation Estate Overview

Confirmation or entry of a court order approving a proposed plan of reorganization is the single most important event which occurs during the course of a chapter 11 case. The confirmation order sets forth a series of findings, which declare that certain bankruptcy code sections have been satisfied and that the plan conforms to federal law.

The court findings relate to the plan of reorganization which in turn affects pro rata and percentage based cash and equity settlements to classes of creditors, releases to case professionals and directors and officers from future liability and settlements with certain specific creditor parties or creditor committees.

Approval, signature, and entry of the confirmation order onto the bankruptcy court docket triggers the start of certain events which occur pursuant to the plan of reorganization. Events such as the time period to appeal the confirmation order, effective date compliance and claims disbursement processing begin.

Post Confirmation Services: Post Confirmation Estate Services  

Post confirmation administrators will be absolutely thrilled with the wealth of data available at their fingertips from our Relational Restructuring Database for use in resolution of estate issues.

The administrator will rely, in part, on the historical record generated during the course of the case to conduct the activities of winding down the estate.  Because the case utilized our Relational Restructuring Database a vast amount of individual historical creditor information is available for reporting, review, analysis and use in response to creditor demands, settlements and class payments.

Post Confirmation Estate Services involve, as discussed in the claims and disbursement sections of this website, the review, analysis, approval or objection to claims and the disbursement of funds and equity settlements to resolved classes of claims. Other services relate to:

With the post confirmation estate continuing on for several years after the confirmation of a plan of reorganization, it is ever more important to leverage the power of the Relational Restructuring Database for the creditor history in settlement of claims and the organization of remaining business operations for maximum recovery under the rules and procedures established in the court approved plan of reorganization.

Phase Eleven has the experience, resources and technology to comprehensively assist the post confirmation estate trustee in the effective and efficient wind down of the estate.

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