Case Preparation

Pre-petition: Case Preparation

During case preparation attorneys, advisors, and Phase Eleven prepare factual diligence for use in pleadings for filing with the federal bankruptcy court and distribution or "service" to creditors.  The signed court orders which result from these pleadings allow a company to take certain actions under chapter 11 protection.

Phase Eleven's case preparation team assists professionals with information assembly and preparation for first day filing utilizing methodologies developed at two of the country's premier law firm bankruptcy practices.   

Phase Eleven's case preparation team organizes and records pleading diligence in its Relational Restructuring Database for reference and recycling in all future communications, compliance materials and filed court pleadings

Proper preparation is at the heart of achieving administrative excellence and a well executed chapter 11.  At Phase Eleven, we are focused on three main aspects of chapter 11 preparation for the purpose of a well executed chapter 11:

  1. Case Preparation
  2. Data Organization and Reference
  3. Diligence Support

Diligence, related to accounts payable processing, company operations and debt structure, is developed during the pre-petition phase with the assistance of Phase Eleven's case preparation team and its Relational Restructuring Database

Case preparation is also a time to communicate chapter 11 concepts, goals and timing with company personnel to develop good working relationships beneficial to the restructuring of the company.

The Phase Eleven case preparation team leverages the founder's eleven years of case preparation experience to provide insight and a team-oriented atmosphere, fostering goodwill and a commitment to solid case preparation. 

Phase Eleven  provides comprehensive efficient administrative support and solutions to chapter 11 attorneys and advisors in all aspects of case preparation. 

Whether we are assisting with diligence requests, notice list preparation or pleading exhibits we are prepared to provide solid support to all your case preparation issues including, but not limited to:

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