Claims Processing and Resolution Expertise

Expertise: Claims Processing and Resolution Overview

In non-prepackaged chapter 11 cases, a claims process is established to provide creditors an opportunity to assert a claim against one or more of the companies in chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The claims process involves substantial administrative efforts to execute and will run through the remainder of the case.  Attached is an informative article regarding claims preparation and planning: Claims Planning Processing Article

Phase Eleven will leverage our claims processing and resolution expertise and database technology to the fullest extent to ensure accurate, comprehensive and responsive claims processing. 

Phase Eleven consultants will respond to creditor inquiries and process claims transfer requests through our Relational Restructuring Database.  Phase Eleven will provide general services including, but not limited to:

  1. Preparation and mailing of customized proof of claim forms to creditors
  2. Intake, recording and reporting of returned completed claims
  3. Administrative assistance with analysis and approval or objection of claims

Expertise: Tested and Trusted Claims Processing and Resolution Experience

In over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder of Phase Eleven worked on the preparation, filing, approval and execution of claims lists, bar date pleadings, proof of claim processes, mailing and return issues.

The founder of Phase Eleven worked on the objection and resolution of tens of thousands of different claims asserted against a variety of companies involved in different types of chapter 11 cases. 

The sum of this work experience led to the development of claims preparation and processing knowledge, skills, abilities, methods, standards and tools  to organize, proactively prepare for and reactively respond to claims challenges.  Experience-based claims processing challenges such as:

  • Knowledge of content and workings of claims preparation and processing 
  • Skills to review, analyze and record claims analysis issues and estimation issues
  • Critical thinking and communicating abilities about claims objection details
  • Standards for organization and update of claims objection information
  • Methods to train case professionals in techniques of claims processing services
  • Technological database tools which provide comprehensive claims administration

At Phase Eleven, we know and understand claims processing and resolution issues because we have experience with the contents, purpose and procedures for claims mailing, receipt processing, objection and resolution.

The same administrative expertise provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices is now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

We developed a substantial part of our Microsoft SQL Server database to provide detailed organization, record keeping and reporting to alleviate the administrative claims burden placed on case professionals.

Expertise: Claims Processing and Resolution Services

Phase Eleven provides comprehensive solutions to claims processing and resolution services issues.  Our case work expertise with claims services is built from our founder's eleven years of chapter 11 claims experience.

We will provide detailed organization, record keeping, and reporting related to the preparation, filing, court approval and implementation of all claims processing and claims objection issues. 

Executing service of process of customized claims objection notices requires skillful attention to detail including the following:

  • Notice packet and distribution methods must be paired and executed in a single efficient and effective action to provide timely notice to a claimant.
  • Rigid adherence to tracking, return to sender, and certificate of service follow-up in order to insure completion of the initial objection process. 
  • Careful review and cross-check of scheduled liabilities to ensure accurate objection preparation.  

single omnibus claims objection can involve the coordination of claims detail with objection processing, response and reply association, and court ordered resolution.  Phase Eleven will provide outstanding claims processing and resolution services, so case professionals can focus on what matters most - court approval of claims processing and resolution issues.

As part of those claims processing and resolution services, we will leverage the awesome organizational power of our Microsoft SQL Server enabled Relational Restructuring database to provide accurate, comprehensive, and timely claims information.

Whether preparing claims pleadings, claims mailing, claims processing, or claims objection and resolution, we understand the purpose and procedures of claims processing and resolution. We will provide the expertise and leading edge technology to  provide comprehensive case services to your chapter 11 claims issues.

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