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Technology Solutions: Relational Restructuring Overview

We wanted an organizational system for chapter 11 cases that was comprehensive, cohesive, flexible and scalable in structure and function to continue to produce the same sought-after administrative results the founder achieved at two of the country's largest law firm debtor practices.  

A system capable of connecting the chapter 11 dots and making support of chapter 11 issues a snap.  A system that maximized the benefit of pre-existing data to respond to present and future restructuring issues, which could translate into resource, time and expense saving measures to benefit case professionals, creditors and the company alike.     

To establish that system, the founder of Phase Eleven committed his experience, efforts and resources into the design and development of a custom built computer database utilizing Microsoft SQL Server technology for comprehensive processing of all data generated during a chapter 11 case.  All data includes, but is not limited to communications, company provided files, court orders, diligence materials, document production materials, filed pleadings.   

Based on tens of thousands of hours of real-world chapter 11 work experience, we developed a flexible data model to benefit all parties to a chapter 11 by providing an organizational relationship structure which records and reports data for comprehensive case information at reasonable costs. 

We termed it the Relational Restructuring Database because it was designed to interrelate chapter 11 information occurring during the course of a case for future case needs.  Interrelationship translates into cost savings, faster emergency response, greater information availability and stronger productivity

By creating data relationships among communications, creditors, deadlines, diligence materials, document production materials, pleadings, responses, orders and outcomes, data becomes more valuable for present and future uses during a chapter 11 case.  These relationships are valuable to case professionals and the company in making decisions and providing information related to the restructuring allowing for more predictive outcomes and reduced response times.  

 The Relational Restructuring Database is:

  • A powerful historical record which can provide rapid research, reports, and responses to creditor inquiries via secure online access, anywhere in the world.
  • Capable of tracking, grouping, and reporting on almost all creditor and debtor case activities to support all chapter 11 case services.
  • Customizable to the specific needs of the chapter 11 debtors, their industry and the professionals who support their restructuring.
  • Compelling technology which any case professional or company official can appreciate throughout the lifetime of the case.

Comprehensive database Microsoft SQL Server based benefits, available to case professionals and company officials for the lifetime of the chapter 11 case, through secure online access include, but are not limited to:

  • Customized creditor updates 
  • Customized, instant grouping
  • Customized, instant reporting
  • Customized notations to creditor record 
  • Customized recordation and updates to data files
  • Customized web pages
  • Flex-search query 
  • Import and export of large and varied data files
  • Management and manipulation of data files
  • Online and report-based data review and comparison analysis
  • Scalable security
  • Search comparison 
  • Secure online access

A corporate restructuring is an investment in the value of your company and its longevity in the marketplace.  Our technology is a substantial investment in the value of restructuring, because it provides a comprehensive means for companies to maximize restructuring value and restore longevity.   

Retaining Phase Eleven Consultants for your corporate restructuring means receiving a daily commitment to the success of your chapter 11 case through our leading edge technology and in turn an investment in the longevity of your company.

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