Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standard

Restructuring moves at a rapid pace as crisis evolves, responses are implemented, decisions revisited, resources reallocated and directions shifted. Our founder developed a core set of operating principles to respond to the rapid pace of restructuring, while simultaneously providing outstanding customer service to all parties of a case.

In eleven years and over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder of Phase Eleven actively prepared work product, made decisions, participated in and coordinated the efforts of all aspects of chapter 11 administrative case work. The founder staffed, trained and managed administrative assistants tasked with supporting and providing outstanding customer service to multiple simultaneous chapter 11 cases.

The operating principles developed and implemented during these cases earned the founder hundreds of commendations, glowing reviews, recommendations and promotion for outstanding customer service to case professionals, creditors, debtor companies, the court and the U.S. Trustee. 

Those same results are now the operating principles behind the Phase Eleven customer service results, which focus on providing knowledgeable, courteous, attentive and responsive staff ready to respond to case professionals and creditors alike.

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Customer Service Origins

Every Phase Eleven consultant is rigorously trained in the concepts, purposes, language, pleading content, timing and workflow of chapter 11 bankruptcies because we believe that with knowledge comes a greater sense of purpose, a stronger commitment to success and excellence in customer service.   

The consultant who knows the purpose of a specific pleading and how that pleading will affect the outcome in a federal bankruptcy court for a troubled company is a committed consultant.   Committed because they understand that miscommunication can lead to mistakes.  Committed because persistent project management means a positive impact for case professionals, the company and its creditors.  Committed because the collective knowledge of each Phase Eleven consultant contributes to the success of the case, which means success for the troubled company.

We believe that our consultants' commitment to the success of every case issue translates into outstanding results for your chapter 11. 

Customer Service Through Comprehensive Case Support

Chapter 11 requires comprehensive case support because it involves a large mix of business operations, committees, creditors, events, procedures, professionals and rules all interrelated to one another and all moving at an astonishingly rapid rate.  

The Phase Eleven services necessary to comprehensively support such a complicated mix of issues were forged in the trenches of tens of thousands of hours of daily chapter 11 case work.

During eleven years of debtor work experience, many colleagues were trained by the founder to provide superior service to all aspects of the chapter 11 case.  The training evolved into a series of standards and methodologies, which form the basis for a Phase Eleven consultant's approach to each issue that arises during a case.  Training methodologies that result in outstanding customer service.    

Customer Service Standard Through Achieving Excellence

Our standards, which achieved excellence at premier law firm bankruptcy practices, are based on a belief that as a service provider you seek excellence at every point in turn, that you never say no to an assignment or a request and that you are always available no matter what.

Our methodologies focus on utilizing a core set of chapter 11 knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to the daily demands of debtor case work.  Whether interacting with creditor inquiries, reconciling received data, responding to case professional requests or company restructuring demands or serving out pleadings, Phase Eleven consultants employ the absolute highest standards to achieve excellence in chapter 11 case work.

The Phase Eleven approach to chapter 11 case work embodies standards, methods, knowledge, skills, abilities, and a level of commitment designed to provide excellence in every issue we respond to. Phase Eleven consultants don't just "get" bankruptcy", they believe in it and approach each interaction as an opportunity to commit themselves to achieving excellence.

Our goal is not to dominate the administrative services market, our goal is to provide dominant client service on a case by case basis to the debtor, creditors, the courts and the U.S. Trustee.

Count on Phase Eleven Consultants to achieve excellence in your next chapter 11 restructuring and experience our compelling commitment to conquer your chapter 11 challenges

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