Project Management Standards

Project Management Overview

Because chapter 11 is challenging, you need an administrative services firm which provides aggressive project management approaches to provide proven results.

At Phase Eleven, project management is of paramount importance in producing sought-after chapter 11 case results. It is a skill which our consultants continually define and refine with every action taken during the course of a chapter 11 case.

Our people are actively trained to employ learning strategies, critically think and reason along with case professionals in crafting solutions to complex case issues and provide concise written and spoken solutions for rapid response results.

Whether it is serving out legal pleadings, collection and preparation of thousands of documents for schedules and statements, preparing for a proof of claim mailing or coordinating a solicitation, project management standards help us to deliver well planned, accurate and rapid results.

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Project Management in Action

Our aggressive chapter 11 project management approach involves consideration of business operations, committees, creditors, events, procedures, professionals and rules, in a carefully crafted manner to provide customized project management.

As an example of our aggressive project management approach, we consider the chapter 11 case type.

Chapter 11 case types are termed prearranged, prepackaged, and traditional or liquidating chapter 11.  Each type of chapter 11 proceeds at a different pace and requires consideration of different amounts and types of administrative resources and support to achieve administrative excellence.

If a prepackaged chapter 11 case is chosen for a services based business, the amount and timing of administrative demands will differ greatly from that of a free fall manufacturing company. 

A prepackaged chapter 11 will require a heavy concentration of resources, planning, and responsiveness during the pre-petition and immediate post petition phases, because it will face case preparation and class solicitation issues on a fast track to plan confirmation.  

A free fall chapter 11 might require less pre-petition resources and planning because, unlike the prepackaged chapter 11, solicitation would occur months into the post petition phase of the case. 

With every Phase Eleven project, we strategically consider:

And every project receives the same results:

§  Confidence in completion

§  Rapid, courteous response

§  Addition to historical creditor record

§  Relational Restructuring Database Accuracy

§  Well prepared court professionals

§  Easy to use technology

§  Well prepared for creditor responses

§  Assurance of quality work

§  Accurate backup materials

§  Continuous status

§  Instant online accessibility to all records

§  Current concise information

Phase Eleven project management is prepared for all chapter 11 challenges regardless of the case, company, or creditor.

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