Prearranged Case Results

Prearranged Pre-petition Chapter 11 Case Results

These chapter 11 cases are similar to prepackaged cases but they are unable to execute pre-petition solicitation because institutional or substantial company creditors cannot gain full support of all creditors in interest on proposed treatments for a plan of reorganization.

A prearranged chapter 11 proceeds as an accelerated traditional chapter 11, which prepares for solicitation prior to commencement of the bankruptcy case.  It must meet standard bankruptcy code requirements with regard to schedules and statements, claims, solicitation and disbursement, albeit on a shortened timeframe.

Results for a prearranged chapter 11 in the pre-petition phase of the case mean simultaneous implementation of our case preparation, solicitation and schedules and statements teams working together to:

  • Work with the company to assemble and review factual diligence related to accounts payable records, company operations, debt structure and employees for use in pleadings for filing with the federal bankruptcy court and distribution or "service" to creditors.
  • Prepare solicitation of a proposed plan of reorganization for quick post petition execution within 90 days of filing for bankruptcy.
  • Attend meetings with company employees to communicate, prepare, review, revise, report, and file schedules of assets and liabilities and statements of financial affairs for each legal entity under chapter 11 protection.

Founder Casework Results Example-J.L. French Automotive Castings, Inc.

In re J.L. French Automotive Castings, Inc., Case No. 06-10119, United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, Filed February 10, 2006, Confirmed June 21, 2006.

Founder's casework responsibilities which align with Phase Eleven pre-petition and prearranged case work include, but are not limited to: assisting with pre-petition solicitation class and materials preparation; preparation of first day notice lists and creditor lists; coordinating filing and service of process for filed pleadings, and reviewing, analyzing and summarizing creditor diligence from lien search results.

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