Data Organization and Reference


Chapter 11 is document intensive and cutting edge organization is critical to a comprehensive creditor record for current and future reference. 

Information related to legal notices, critical dates, proof of claim packages, filed pleadings, transactional materials, solicitation materials, schedule and statements preparation and disbursement settlements will be added to an individual creditor's record and can become part of future settlements.

A single chapter 11 creditor will:

  • Receive legal notices and specific pleadings which affect their recovery
  • Receive a proof of claim package
  • Receive solicitation materials
  • Be listed on the debtor's schedules and statements of financial affairs
  • Possibly receive a disbursement settlement

That same single creditor may:

Our administrative data organization team will provide exacting processes, skilled and knowledgeable assistance, targeted information and rapid courteous responses to deliver outstanding data organization and reference results for your next chapter 11 case.

Data Organization and Reference Results

We drive results around data organization and reference for case professionals, debtor companies and creditors based on our founder's eleven years of chapter 11 case expertise.

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

We believe that data organization during a chapter 11 case is of paramount importance for proactive project planning and reactive case response to demanding restructuring issues.  Our Microsoft SQL Server-enabled database will provide data organization and reference which includes:

  • Business operations data
  • Case administration data
  • Case preparation data
  • Claims data
  • Cross-reference filed pleadings and diligence materials
  • Document productions data
  • Due diligence library
  • Filed pleadings data
  • Grouping related chapter 11 data for rapid review
  • Noticing data
  • Precedent library data
  • Schedules and statements data
  • Solicitation data

We have tremendous experience with the contents, purpose and procedures for all communications, diligence, document productions, pleadings and participants which will allow for straightforward data organization and reference results.  Regardless of whether you wish to organize communications, diligence, documents or pleadings which occur pre-petition, post petition, or post confirmation, our database will provide the cross-reference, grouping and immediate access you need to respond to rapidly changing restructuring conditions.

Our data organization and reference results will allow case professionals and the company to see the entire picture and be prepared to respond with precision to resolve issues and receive the requested relief. 

Using a 2004 document production  as an example of our commitment to data organization and reference results, we will achieve:

Preparation results

  • Provide pertinent 2004 document production response case precedent
  • Establish database encoding for 2004 document production library
  • Prepare critical dates database library for scheduling order compliance
  • Provide database information reports of creditor information for document production response
  • Manage and execute logistics for web access upload and document production library

Process results:

  • Export 2004 document production materials and associated reports
  • Associate document production response and reports with creditor records and filed pleadings
  • Track and report on adversary proceedings and dates
  • Post group associated pleadings to custom adversary webpage
  • Respond to creditor inquiries regarding adversary case notices
  • Provide critical dates for management of adversary actions
  • Track, group and associate document production pleadings, settlements and orders and associate with individual creditor claim records

End results

  • Thorough and complete historical creditor record for plan confirmation hearings
  • Ensure professionals are prepared for adversary proceeding hearings
  • Ensure professionals are prepared for creditor responses to individual adversary proceeding settlements
  • Provide backup materials for court hearings and settlement negotiations
  • Offer instant online accessibility to adversary pleadings and related response materials for comprehensive review of adversary response
  • Deliver rapid, courteous response to adversary case assignments
  • Deliver accurate information extracted from our Relational Restructuring Database
  • Provide assurance of quality work
  • Provide continuous status updates during preparation and processing periods litigation response

At Phase Eleven, it is our promise to conquer your chapter 11 data organization and reference challenges and deliver effective results throughout the course of a case.

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.