Pleadings filed with the federal bankruptcy court must be sent or "served" on certain creditors and groups of people involved with the chapter 11 case.  The purpose of sending creditors the filed pleading is to make them aware or "notify" them of a legal action the debtors are taking in the federal bankruptcy court.  

The process of sending out notices can be complicated by the pleadings, parties and methods involved with the noticing distribution.  Certain individual or groups of creditors will receive only a portion of the pleading, while others will receive the entire pleading.  The methods by which these pleadings will be sent to the individual or groups of creditors may vary by person or by group. 

Attorneys and advisors prepare and file hundreds and thousands of pleadings and compliance materials with the court, on creditors and on the U.S. Trustee during the course of a chapter 11 case.  Almost hourly, documents are prepared, exchanged and reviewed, for that day's court filing and service to creditors using email, fax, messenger, overnight courier and U.S. Mail.

Our administrative noticing team will provide exacting processes, knowledgeable and skilled assistance, targeted information and rapid courteous responses to deliver outstanding noticing results for your next chapter 11 case.  Attached is an informative article on chapter 11 noticing: Chapter 11 Noticing

Noticing Results

We drive noticing results for case professionals, debtor companies and creditors based on our founder's eleven years of chapter 11 case expertise.  We have tremendous experience with the contents, purpose and procedures for all chapter 11 pleadings, preparation, packaging, package tracking, publishing, mailing logistics, execution, creditor inquiry and follow up for documents and pleadings which can make noticing seem straightforward. 

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Our noticing results will allow case professionals and the company to see the entire picture and be prepared to respond with precision to resolve issues and receive the requested relief. 

Using a critical vendor motion as an example of our commitment to noticing results, we will achieve:

Preparation results:

  • Provide pertinent critical vendor case precedent
  • Provide database encoding for schedules and statements, claimssolicitation and disbursement use
  • Prepare custom notice lists for master mailing matrix and affected parties list
  • Prepare custom notices and critical vendor letter for use upon court approval
  • Assist with critical vendor A/P breakout preparation for DIP budget estimates
  • Prepare webpage for critical vendor login and public case page for critical vendor case information
  • Manage and execute logistics for service of process to all notice list recipients

Process results:

  • Execute service of process for top 30, core, and master service lists, as well as affected party lists
  • Associate critical vendor contract records with served motion and interim order
  • Track critical vendor motion and notice service of processes
  • Post critical vendor motion to website page and group associated pleadings 
  • Respond to critical vendor motion creditor inquiries and provide information
  • Provide critical vendor protocol enforcement materials
  • Provide critical dates critical vendor compliance reporting via secure online access

End results

  • Thorough and complete historical creditor record for critical vendor noticing, liabilities, claims, solicitation, and disbursement historical reporting
  • Ensure professionals are prepared for emergency, first day and second day court hearings involving non-compliance with critical vendor protocol
  • Ensure professionals are prepared for creditor responses to going concern and payment questions
  • Provide backup materials for accounts payable records, settlement communications and signed agreements 
  • Offer instant online accessibility to motions, creditor record, signed order, objections and settlement communications and agreements
  • Deliver rapid, courteous response to case assignments
  • Deliver accurate information established from Relational Restructuring Database
  • Provide assurance of quality work for critical vendor noticing and tracking
  • Provide continuous status updates during preparation and processing periods for critical vendor motion, notice, interim and final orders and settlement letters

At Phase Eleven, it is our promise to conquer your chapter 11 noticing challenges and deliver the most outstanding noticing results throughout the course of a case.

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