Case Administration

Technology Solutions for Case Administration 

Phase Eleven is founded by an administrative professional for the purpose of providing comprehensive administrative services to chapter 11 cases.  The Relational Restructuring Database, which comprehensively supports case administration efforts via secure online access, will be one of the most important resources case professionals can use.   

We developed the case administration section of the Relational Restructuring Database because case professionals can spend a good amount of time and resources keeping track of post petition and post confirmation case information.  Case professionals will use critical dates lists, work in progress, procedures memoranda, professionals payment tracking and case procedures protocol summaries to keep track of case administrative efforts.

Phase Eleven offers administrative assistance and a simple technological solution for tracking all case administration organizational detail--the Relational Restructuring Database.

Case administration plays a large part in chapter 11  restructuring because it relates to:

§  Bankruptcy rules

§  Case administration orders

§  Case communications

§  Case procedures

§  Court order requirements

§  Filed pleadings

§  Local rules compliance

§  Hearings

§  U.S. Trustee compliance

Our Relational Restructuring Database will record, track, and report on all information input into it as a part of the chapter 11 case.  This information can be made available in limited or full formats for public or private review on a customized case management webpage

The Relational Restructuring Database will provide comprehensive amounts of case information to case professionals, creditors, the company and the general public on a post petition and post confirmation basis.

Case professionals will appreciate the accessibility and organization of constantly changing case administration issues and the availability of action items, completion deadlines and compliance requirements for rapid response to restructuring issues.   

Company executives will appreciate the conservation of cash and human resources which the Relational Restructuring Database can provide to chapter 11 restructuring efforts.

Chapter 11 case creditors and parties in interest will appreciate instant online access, through the public web page of case administration information.  

The sum of the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 expertise is  integrated into the design and implementation of our Relational Restructuring Database for the benefit of all parties to a case.

Complicated case administration issues, organized simply and succinctly, providing value during the entire course of the chapter 11 case--just another example of Phase Eleven excellence. 

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