Technology Solutions for Noticing

Sending out pleadings (or "service of process") and publishing legal notices during a chapter 11 can be a complicated process, which is why we designed and developed a robust computer database built on Microsoft SQL Server technology called the Relational Restructuring Database.

Thousands and sometimes tens and hundreds of thousands of different creditors and parties in interest to the chapter 11 cases will be sent different documents or pleadings via different methods on a daily basis.  Some creditors or groups of people receive the entire pleading, while others receive a shortened legal notice informing them about the filing of the entire pleading. Other creditors, the company may not be aware of, are provided notice through publications.

Organizing a single service of process requires careful coordination of methods, materials, lists and timing. Tracking, responding and organizing thousands and tens of thousands of creditor inquiries is critical for case creditor relations.

To execute a service of process, in the most general sense, issues such as the following must be addressed:

  • Assignment and update of creditor distribution groups
  • Certification and court filing of affidavit of service of process 
  • Delivery methodologies: courier, email, facsimile, overnight mail or U.S. Mail
  • Delivery follow up and package tracking 
  • Document assembly 
  • Document packaging 
  • Document preparation and timing
  • Document publication 
  • Logistics coordination 
  • Responding to creditor inquiries

Case professionals will appreciate the way our database easily orchestrates processing, tracking, creditor inquiry response, recording and reporting of creditor information on a consistent and comprehensive basis.

We leverage our leading edge Microsoft SQL Server technology to produce powerful noticing results by:

  • Creating and associating a lifetime creditor record for all legal noticing
  • Preparation, distribution and automated electronic certification for legal noticing
  • Tracking, recording, reporting and online access to notice lists and creditor service of process information

The Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database will provide the advanced technological tools to comprehensively respond to all case work noticing needs in a responsive and timely manner.  

The sum of the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 expertise is  integrated into the design and implementation of our Relational Restructuring Database for the benefit of all parties to a case.

At Phase Eleven, our noticing process team believes in the importance of achieving excellence of delivery and follow up with every document and pleading that leaves our computers or doors. 

We are prepared to provide comprehensive case services and unparalleled commitment to noticing services excellence, which you can rely on for a cost effective and efficient chapter 11.

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