Technology Solutions for Solicitation

The solicitation process of a chapter 11 requires substantial database technology, capable of executing the distribution, receipt, calculation and reports for multiple classes of creditors, which contain thousands of voting and non-voting creditors.

Our database is built on a flexible framework which can account for complicated chapter 11 plan and sub-plan classes within the chapter 11 case types and among the varied companies and industries.  The Relational Restructuring Database is a cutting edge tool, which case professionals and the company can rely on for unparalleled solicitation solutions.

Our solicitation database, built from Microsoft SQL Server technology, was designed and developed from our founder's eleven years of chapter 11 solicitation case experience in over fifty chapter 11 cases.  The Relational Restructuring Database was designed to be the nerve center of operations for all solicitation issues in order to provide comprehensive and efficient coverage to a complex and challenging process.

Technology Solutions to Solicitation Complications

The solicitation process is complicated because, through court approved solicitation procedures, it involves the simultaneous distribution of different solicitation materials to different classes of creditors via different methods, all moving at a very fast pace

For instance, certain creditor classes receive only legal notices, while others receive the plan, legal notices and a customized ballot including instructions on voting and return.  Further complicating solicitation may be a record holder class in which a third party agent may need to be involved in the balloting process.

Our Relational Restructuring Database organizes, tracks and reports on the following solicitation project management issues:




§  3018 preparation

§  Ballot tracking

§  Certification filing

§  Case webpage

§  Creditor responses

§  Certification of publication

§  Case precedent access

§  Custom voting reports

§  Class calculation

§  Counsel meetings

§  Holder of record status

§  Convenience class calculation

§  Class organization

§  Input and association

§  Custom class calculation

§  Class package planning

§  Online status access

§  Excluded ballot calculation

§  Custom ballot prep.

§  Receipt and review

§  Online reporting access

§  Mailing logistics

§  Return to sender

§  Plan objection grouping

§  Online status access

§  Third party follow up

§  Public access solicitation

§  Publication logistics

§  Timely status reports

§  Solicitation testimony


§  Valid/Invalid ballot

§  Tabulation and validation



§  Web review with company



Our Relational Restructuring Database will help us to achieve excellence and solidify substantial solicitation results with streamlined classification, preparation, recordation, tabulation and validation processes available through our Microsoft SQL Server powered secure online access database. 

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