Rely on an administrative services firm, built from premier law firm practices, to support the preparation of your next chapter 11 case.   Our commitment to providing comprehensive service is cemented in the pre-petition preparation phase of the case.

Pre-petition: Purpose 

During the "pre-petition" or "preparation" phase attorneys, advisors and Phase Eleven prepare factual diligence and legal information for use in pleadings for filing with the bankruptcy court and service on creditors to the bankrupt company.  Phase Eleven will use creditor information, collected for the pleadings, for service on creditors to the bankrupt company.  The signed court orders from these filed pleadings will allow a company to take certain actions under chapter 11 protection.


Timely communication with companies concerning content, constructs, purpose of and timing of documents and events will aid in the preparation of comprehensive chapter 11 pleadings and a successful court filing.

Phase Eleven's case preparation team will assist professionals with information assembly and preparation for first day filing.  We will utilize methodologies that simultaneously provide and seek information for rapid first day preparation.     

Phase Eleven's case preparation team will organize and record pleading diligence in the Relational Restructuring Database for reference and re-use in all future communications, compliance materials and filed court pleadings. 

Proper preparation is at the heart of achieving administrative excellence and a well executed chapter 11.  At Phase Eleven, we focus on three main aspects of chapter 11 pre-petition preparation for the purpose of a well executed chapter 11:

  1. Case Preparation
  2. Data Organization and Reference
  3. Diligence Support

Pre-petition: Case Preparation

Diligence, related to accounts payable processing, company operations, debt structure and employees responsible for information management is developed during the pre-petition phase with the assistance of Phase Eleven's case preparation team and its Relational Restructuring Database. 

Case preparation is also a time to communicate chapter 11 concepts, goals and timing with company personnel to develop good working relationships beneficial to the restructuring of the company.

The Phase Eleven case preparation team leverages the founder's eleven years of case preparation experience to provide insight and a team oriented atmosphere, fostering goodwill and a commitment to solid case preparation. 

Pre-petition: Data Organization and Reference

Data produced during the pre-petition period can be reused and built upon throughout the lifetime of the chapter 11 case.   As pleadings are filed, creditors inquire and court orders are entered. Data related to all these communications and documents are then created. 

Phase Eleven, with its leading edge technology organizes the pre-petition documents and related data as the foundation for a lifetime case library and a comprehensive creditor reference record.

Pre-petition: Diligence Support 

Data may become diligence in response to post petition business operation or litigation based issues.  Data assembled and prepared for use in pre-petition materials and documents may become diligence used to prepare a post petition asset sale exhibit or respond to an emerging litigation issue.

Phase Eleven offers case professionals access to its unparalleled technological organization for comprehensive and rapid existing data recycling in response to pressing chapter 11 post petition issues.    

Pre-petition: Services 

Our pre-petition services are established to achieve excellence for present and future restructuring issues.  In the pre-petition phase, Phase Eleven consultants are at minimum providing the following services:

  • Inputting and organizing creditor data for life of case updates and use in business operations noticing, schedules and statements, claims, solicitation and disbursement
  • Preparing legal notice lists/methods
  • Preparing pleadings exhibit lists
  • Assisting with gathering factual information for exhibits to pleadings
  • Establishing attorney/advisor/company electronic precedent library for information sharing cost savings
  • Coding case management pages
  • Organizing call center support team/scripts

We invite you to further review our pre-petition services in the following detailed pages.

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