Diligence Support

Post Petition Services: Diligence Support Overview  

If you're looking for diligence for asset purchase agreement schedules, try the Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database before calling or emailing the company.  It may save you time and effort and establish a solid draft that you can take back to the client for minor revisions.    

Asset sales and litigation responses during chapter 11 can be data intensive: 

  • Information about company operations relevant to an asset purchase agreement schedule or in response to a 2004 document production response can be massive.  
  • The amount of time and people needed to review, analyze, summarize and organize materials can quickly consume resources needed for other aspects of the case. 
  • Deadlines in response to these efforts can be short and the amount of information overwhelming.   
  • A typical chapter 11 case may exchange hundreds and thousands of procedural and substantive pleadings in pursuit of the reorganization of the company.
  • The filing of a bankruptcy case can and does trigger the occurrence of additional litigation cases which themselves can and do generate hundreds of additional procedural and substantive pleadings and documents.  Attached is a sample chapter 11 litigation request: Sample 2004 Document Production Request

Phase Eleven offers case professionals access to its unparalleled technological organization for comprehensive and rapid existing data re-use in response to pressing chapter 11 post petition issues, such as asset sales and litigation responses. 

Phase Eleven offers case professionals access to our knowledge, skills, abilities and insight into administrative diligence organization in preparation for chapter 11 asset sale and litigation responses which may occur post petition.

Post Petition Services: Diligence Support Services 

The diligence support section of our database was developled from our founder's deep knowledge of chapter 11 concepts, diligence and pleading contents to provide quick, easy online access to case professionals

During the post petition phase of the chapter 11 case Phase Eleven consultants will leverage preexisting data and segregate data into subgroups within the Relational Restructuring Database to rapidly respond to the needs of unanticipated asset sales and litigation such as:

Phase Eleven consultants will apply their chapter 11 diligence insight and experience to comprehensively assist case professionals and the company in response to all diligence case needs. 

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.