Business Operations

Post Confirmation Services: Business Operations Overview 

After confirming the plan of reorganization in federal bankruptcy court, a post confirmation estate administrator is appointed to oversee the wind down and disposition of estate operations and estate assets

Estate operations are post petition business operations which generated revenue prior to and during the course of the bankruptcy case, but did not continue on as a part of the reorganized company.   After confirmation of the plan of reorganization, company operations such as distribution, manufacturing, servicing and warehousing will be sold to competitors or other companies through court approved pleadings. 

Estate assets, part of defunct post petition business operations, will need to be abandoned or sold in order to generate revenue or reduce ongoing maintenance and ownership costs. 

Maximize post confirmation estate creditor recovery through use of the Relational Restructuring Database to control costs by reducing historical asset and creditor data research time and classifying, reporting and tracking asset disposition pleadings.  

Phase Eleven, through the founder's eleven years of chapter 11 post petition experience, developed a set of knowledge, skills, abilities and methodologies for providing superior administrative service to attorneys, financial, investment and restructuring advisors in response to all business operation needs.

Post Confirmation Services: Business Operations Services

Phase Eleven will help estate professional advisors eliminate time spent chasing, organizing and reporting on diligence materials for post confirmation business operation preparations, allowing them to focus on obtaining relief for the post confirmation estate.

Phase Eleven case professionals will handle the collection, processing, reporting and warehousing of supporting data, filed pleadings and executed agreements related to post confirmation business operation services.

Phase Eleven will leverage the interrelated reporting benefits of the Relational Restructuring Database to provide previously prepared data for post petition business operation analysis and pleading preparation.  

The Phase Eleven post confirmation business operations team will provide comprehensive administrative support for estate trust administrators including, but not limited to:

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