Case Administration

Post Confirmation Services: Case Administration Overview

Case administration orders and procedures, filing, scheduling and service standards established during the case will continue after the plan of reorganization has been confirmed.   Attached is an informative article on case administration: Necessity of Case Administration

Conserve post confirmation cash by utilizing the Relational Restructuring Database to electronically organize and update creditors, estate professionals and the court with constantly changing case administration issues.    

Every court communication, document, or pleading exchanged or filed will generate action items, completion deadlines and compliance requirements for estate professionals to respond to and keep track of as the case progresses toward closure.  Hundreds and thousands more pleadings, all with deadlines and details, will be filed which relate to:

Just as our case professionals provided a commanding commitment to administrative details post petition, Phase Eleven consultants are dedicated to post confirmation case administration demands.   

Phase Eleven will apply the same post confirmation case administration organizational methods and standards which earned the founder accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion and recommendations to your post confirmation case administration.  Phase Eleven will work with the following post confirmation details:

Post Confirmation Services: Case Administration Services

Every Phase Eleven case professional is trained, from the founder's eleven years of administrative excellence, in the knowledge, skills and abilities of providing comphensive post confirmation case administrative assistance.   

Post confirmation challenges releate to claims objection, disbursement and preference action litigation.  Phase Eleven Consultants provides services in response to each of these issues including:  

Claims objection:  

Partial hearings

Partial orders

Partial withdrawals






Agent issues

Claims settlement

Class calculations

Creditor inquiries




Return to sender

Unclaimed funds

Preference action

9019 orders

Document production

Hearing dates

Objection deadlines

Protocol compliance

Replies and responses


The data encoded into the Relational Restructruing Database during the course of the case builds an amazingly comprehensive record for the estate administrator to leverage in pursuit of preference actions.

Coupling administrative excellence training with a case database that can support any post confirmation chapter 11 administrative need results in the most comprehensive case services you can receieve for your present day restructuring

Case administration services that are the hallmark of the Phase Eleven name and are a part of all the administrative assistance we provide. 

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.