Claims Objection and Reconciliation

Post Confirmation Services: Claims Objection and Reconciliation Overview 

Claims processing during the post confirmation phase of the chapter 11 case is focused on continued review, analysis, approval or objection of filed claims.  The estate trust administrator is tasked with resolving all claims, on a class by class basis, for the purpose of disbursement to authorized claimants.

The estate trust administrator will continue to file omnibus claims objections which typically contain hundreds of objectionable claims.  Each one of those listed claimants will receive a custom notice regarding the objection and may file a response to the objection. 

Depending on the objection and the claimants, the estate administrator may be faced with keeping track of information related to thousands and tens of thousands of claims, all in different states of objection or settlement.  

Continuing to use the Relational Restructuring Database for post confirmation claims is the most comprehensive means to ensure accurate disbursement.

The estate trust administrator will rely on the Phase Eleven claims reconciliation team to provide administrative assistance for all post confirmation claims issues and we will continue to provide claims processing and resolution expertise and database technology to the fullest extent to ensure accurate, comprehensive and responsive results.

Post Confirmation Services: Claims Objection and Reconciliation Services

The founder of Phase Eleven built a claims processing team around his eleven years of claims experience at two of the countries largest chapter 11 practice groups.  The results of his administrative claims efforts yielded accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion and recommendation for future cases.  

Phase Eleven post confirmation claims reconciliation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Respond to creditor inquiries related to claims reconciliation
  2. Estate administrator assistance with analysis and approval or objection of claims
  3. Customized claims objection notices to estate creditors
  4. Database updates, including preparation for disbursement

At Phase Eleven, we believe that accurate and proper claims resolution is more than just than just best practices for distribution, but in fact the value leader and linchpin of case closure.

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