Data Organization and Reference

Post Confirmation Data Organization and Reference Overview

Data organization and reference for a chapter 11 is a critical component to success because of the sheer number of documents and pleadings exchanged and filed during the course of a case. 

The more organized the data during chapter 11, the more reference for post confirmation issue resolution.  Post petition creditor, pleading and settlement data, available through reports or secure online access, will provide sound assistance for the resolution of post confirmation issues. 

Over the course of time during a chapter 11 case, a creditor's history of interaction with the case professionals, company, court and the U.S. Trustee increases.  A single chapter 11 creditor will:

That same single creditor may:

  • File pleadings requesting notice or objecting to an action
  • Call/email/fax/send letters regarding notices received
  • File multiple proofs of claim
  • Submit a ballot
  • Raise an issue with disbursement

A single creditor can be involved with hundreds of pages of legal documents and most chapter 11 cases involve thousands and tens of thousands of creditors.

The Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database, which provided comprehensive data on individual or groups of creditors during the case, is now a massive resource for post confirmation estate reconciliation.  Our data reconciliation team is there to provide support to the estate administrator for all of those efforts.

Post Confirmation Data Organization and Reference: Services

The Phase Eleven data organization and reference team and database technology were developed from the founder's eleven years of experience at two of the countries premier chapter 11 law firm practice groups. 

From over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder developed the parameters of a computer database which could provide comprehensive data reference services to estate professionals for all post confirmation issues.

Phase Eleven data reference includes, but is not limited to:

  • Business operations data
  • Case administration data
  • Case preparation 
  • Claims data
  • Due diligence library
  • Document productions
  • Filed pleadings 
  • Noticing
  • Precedent library
  • Schedules and statements
  • Solicitation

Retaining Phase Eleven as your administrative services provider will ensure a wealth of well organized data for secure online reference, which results in cost and time savings to case professionals and the company alike.

We believe that comprehensive data organization and reference is value which Phase Eleven brings to all case participants-case professionals, creditors, the company, the court and the U. S. Trustee.

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