Diligence Support

Post Confirmation Services: Diligence Support Overview  

Post petition diligence is expertly organized and available for estate administrator use in response to post confirmation asset sale and litigation needs.   

In the post confirmation period, the estate administrator is tasked with winding down the operations of the estate and resolving all oustanding claims.  Phase Eleven administrative professionals and our diligence database will be solid resources in response to these issues. 

Whether preparing to sell assets of a specific company or pleadings for preference actions to recover pre-petition payments, the Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database is an excellent resource for all administrator needs.

The Database contains diligence information from all post petition asset sale transactions and litigation filings.  It can be used by an estate administrator as a diligence or precedent resource for present day filings.

Phase Eleven offers estate professionals access to its unparalleled technological organization for comprehensive and rapid existing data re-use in response to case closure asset sale and litigation issues. 

Phase Eleven offers estate professionals access to our knowledge, skills, abilities and insight into administrative diligence organization in preparation of post confirmation asset sale and litigation issues necessary to close the case.

Post Confirmation Services: Diligence Support Services

In over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder saw a need for diligence organization and reference services and brought a solution to life in the Relational Restructuring Database.

The founder also developed methodologies and standards for the diligence organization and reference team which would comprehensively report, update and track all chapter 11 data during the course of the post petition case. 

Diligence support available for all post confirmation responses includes, but is not limited to:   

Phase Eleven consultants will apply their chapter 11 asset sale and litigation insight and experience to comprehensively assist estate professionals and the company in response to post confirmation diligence issuess. 

At Phase Eleven, we provide people power and database technology which can help organize and rapidly respond to case diligence requests, allowing estate professionals to save time and hold costs down as toward the mutual goal of case closure.

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