Technology Details

Technology Overview 

A corporate restructuring is an investment in the value of your company and it's longevity in the marketplace.  Our technology is a substantial investment in the value of a corporate restructuring, because it provides a comprehensive means for companies to maximize restructuring value and restore longevity.    

Our Relational Restructuring Database is comprehensive because it is:

Retaining Phase Eleven for your corporate restructuring means receiving a daily commitment to the success of your chapter 11 case through our leading edge technology and in turn an investment in the longevity of your company.

Microsoft SQL Server Database Technology

Microsoft SQL Server technology is the foundation of our Relational Restructuring Database.  We chose SQL Server technology because it  provides the most comprehensive array of data management, functionality, performance, scalability and security on the market today.

SQL Server technology utilized in the design and development of the Relational Restructuring Database today involves:

  • Data compression
  • Backup compression
  • Partitioned table parallelism
  • Query parallelism
  • Star join query optimizations
  • Resource management
  • Grouping sets
  • Change data capture
  • Merge SQL statements
  • Scalable integration services

Redundant Hosting

Providing continuous online database access for all parties to the chapter 11 case can be challenging.  Vast amounts of information for public access must be easily accessible and continuously available for review and analysis.  Simultaneously, case professionals and the company must have immediate access to even larger amounts of information for searching, reporting, analysis and preparation for pleadings and communications.

This much online query and response demands a comprehensive hosting environment robust enough to rapidly respond to hundreds of thousands of requests.  This many requests requires dedicated redundant hosting at some of the world's most premier hosting facilities.

Our Microsoft SQL Server Relational Restructuring Database is redundantly hosted at several of the world's premier hosting facilities to ensure comprehensive and consistent case support access anytime, anywhere.  Our facility cyber centers utilize tomorrow's most advanced network connectivity, HVAC and fire suppression, power support, physical security, and private/point-to-point network connectivity. 

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