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Technology Solutions: Relational Restructuring Overview

Our custom built Relational Restructuring Database leverages the leading edge technology of Microsoft SQL Server to create data relationships among communications, creditors, deadlines, diligence materials, document production materials, pleadings, responses, orders and outcomes, for present and future uses during a chapter 11 case

Data relationships which allow for more predictive outcomes and reduced response time for case professionals and company officials. 

The Relational Restructuring Database was designed to leverage interrelated data for cost savings, faster emergency response, greater information availability and stronger productivity. 

Rely on comprehensive, flexible technology built from tens of thousands of hours of real world chapter 11 work experience to record and report on all your restructuring needs at a reasonable cost.

Technology Solutions for Business Operations

Case professionals will work with the company to restructure operations in an effort to increase cash reserves and dispose of burdensome assets or contracts on a post petition and a post confirmation basis. 

Known as business operations, the efforts will require the collection, processing, reporting and warehousing of supporting data, filed pleadings and executed agreements for the purpose of completing transactional actions and continuing ongoing business operations.

The Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring Database is designed to organize and effortlessly produce business operation data for the following restructuring efforts:

Technology Solutions for Case Administration 

Case professionals can spend a good amount of time and resources keeping track of a lot of dates, deadlines, communications, contact information, inquiries, reports and responses using a variety of methods.   Attached is an informative article on case administration: Necessity of Case Administration Article

Every court communication, document or pleading exchanged or filed can generate action items, completion deadlines and compliance requirements, which case professionals and the debtor company are responsible for during the course of a case.

Methods such as critical dates lists, work in progress, procedures memoranda, professionals payment tracking and case procedures protocol summaries can be managed more effectively with the Relational Restructuring Database. 

Phase Eleven will customize and maximize the awesome organizational power of the Relational Restructuring Database to provide secure online access to professionals for case administration reports and administrative detail, which support every administrative aspect of the ongoing restructuring efforts. Information linked to:

  • Bankruptcy code, court ordered, objection and transactional deadlines
  • Company and creditor communications
  • Adding/updating contact information
  • Responding to creditor inquiries
  • U.S. Trustee requirements
  • Case status updates
  • Grouping of pleadings

Technology Solutions for Case Preparation

Preparing for chapter 11 bankruptcy can be resource and time intensive.  Case professionals and the company can be stretched thin with trying to stabilize the company, negotiate with creditors and prepare pleadings for a chapter 11

During pre-petition case preparation, the Relational Restructuring Database will be a source for case professionals and the company to store, organize, review and report on case precedent, diligence materials and draft pleadings through secure online access. 

The Relational Restructuring Database will support all your case preparation issues including, but not limited to:

Technology Solutions for Claims Processing and Resolution

Claims mailing, processing, review, analysis, objection and approval is a data intensive process.  Tens of thousands of claims will be sent, inquired about, returned for processing, reviewed, objected to and ruled on by the federal bankruptcy court. 

The centerpoint for all this work will be the Relational Restructuring Database, keeping all creditor information well organized and available at a moments notice via secure online access to case professionals and the company.  Public access to delimited claims information, such as claims registers and claims processing materials will be made available, but can be expanded upon request.

The Relational Restructuring Database was designed and developed precisely for intake, management, and reporting of massive amounts of creditor related data--precisely what is involved in the proof of claims process. 

Technology Solutions for Data Organization and Reference

Because chapter 11 is document intensive, it requires intense organization, demanding detail and comprehensive coverage of all issues that occur during the course of a bankruptcy case. 

The Relational Restrucuring Database is the only tool case professionals will need to comprehensively record, track, report and access for all case events because it was designed to do more than list and report on case informaton. 

Our database was designed to interrelate case events, court entries, creditors, pleadings and professionals to provide a comprehensive record for reference necessary to respond to all restructuring issues.    

Phase Eleven data organization and reference include, but are not limited to:

  • Grouping related Chapter 11 Data for rapid review
  • Cross-referencing filed pleadings and diligence materials
  • Online professionals reference library

Technology Solutions for Disbursement

All claims in a particular class will need to be resolved for disbursement to begin and the resolution of those claims will require substantial administrative efforts in analysis, review, objection exhibit preparation, claims objection tracking and order processing.

Once claims are resolved and disbursement begins, Phase Eleven will focus on issuing reports and coordinating with third party payment agencies for equities distribution; we will issue, mail, and follow up on cash settlement payments for settled claims; and focus n database management.

The Relational Restructuring Database will be the single source estate professionals can count on for online and electronic analysis, reporting and recording of creditor disbursement information.

Technology Solutions for Diligence Support

Use the Relational Restructuring database to organize, report and review historical information from pre-existing data, such as schedules of assets and liabilities and statements of financial affairsCreate your own diligence or document production library to prepare to respond to chapter 11 asset sales and litigation issues such as:

Phase Eleven offers case professionals access to its unparalleled technological organization for comprehensive and rapid existing data re-use in response to pressing chapter 11 post petition issues, such as asset sales and litigation responses. 

Technology Solutions for Noticing

Thousands and sometimes tens and hundreds of thousands of different creditors and parties in interest to the chapter 11 cases will be sent different documents or pleadings via different methods on a daily basis

Attached is an informative article about chapter 11 case noticing: Elements of Noticing Accuracy

The Relational Restructuring Database will address all noticing issues for the lifetime of the case which involve:

  • Assignment and update of creditor distribution groups
  • Certification and court filing of affidavit of service of process 
  • Delivery methodologies: courier, email, facsimile, overnight mail, or U.S. mail
  • Delivery follow up and package tracking 
  • Document assembly 
  • Document packaging 
  • Document preparation and timing
  • Document publication 
  • Logistics coordination 
  • Responding to creditor inquiries   

Technology Solutions for Post Confirmation Estate

Post confirmation administrators will be absolutely thrilled with the wealth of data available at their fingertips from our Relational Restructuring Database for use in resolution of estate issues.

A vast amount of individual historical creditor information is available via secure online access to estate professionals for reporting, review, analysis and use in response to creditor demands, settlements and class payments.

With the post confirmation estate continuing on for several years after the confirmation of a plan of reorganization it is ever more important to leverage the power of the Relational Restructuring Database for the creditor history in settlement of claims and the organization of remaining business operations for maximum recovery under the rules and procedures established in the court approved plan of reorganization.  Post confirmation database information is available for:

Technology Solutions for Solicitation   

Achieving excellence in a solicitation involves communications, documents and highly skilled project management occurring in a series of well-coordinated movements to ensure comprehensive, efficient and cost effective solicitation

The Phase Eleven Relational Restructuring will be the center point for all your solicitation needs which include, but are not limited to: 




§  3018 preparation

§  Ballot tracking

§  Certification filing

§  Case webpage

§  Creditor responses

§  Certification of publication

§  Case precedent access

§  Custom voting reports

§  Class calculation

§  Counsel meetings

§  Holder of record status

§  Convenience class calculation

§  Class organization

§  Input and association

§  Custom class calculation

§  Class package planning

§  Online status access

§  Excluded ballot calculation

§  Customized ballots

§  Receipt and review

§  Online reporting access

§  Mailing Logistics

§  Return to sender

§  Plan objection grouping

§  Online status access

§  Third party follow up

§  Public access solicitation

§  Publication logistics

§  Timely status reports

§  Solicitation testimony


§  Valid/Invalid ballot

§  Tabulation and validation



§  Web review with company




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