Data Organization and Reference Expertise

Expertise: Data Organization and Reference Overview 

Data organization and reference refers to the fact that chapter 11 is document intensive and it is crucial to have a strong organizational system to record, track, and report on all case information for current and future reference.

The fact that chapter 11 is document intensive is seen over the course of time during a chapter 11 case.  A creditor's history of interaction with the case professionals, company, court, and the U.S. Trustee increases as the length of time in chapter 11 increases. 

A single chapter 11 creditor will:

That same single creditor may:

  • File pleadings requesting notice or objecting to an action
  • Call, email, fax, and send letters regarding notices received
  • File multiple proofs of claim
  • Submit a ballot
  • Raise an issue with disbursement

A single creditor can be involved with hundreds of pages of legal documents and most chapter 11 cases involve thousands and tens of thousands of creditors.

For demanding data organization and reference, we leveraged our chapter 11 data expertise to develop our Microsoft SQL Server enabled database.  The Relational Restructuring Database is capable of providing secure online access to a flexible customized database of information for case professionals and debtor company management facing a variety of chapter 11 data organization issues. 

Expertise: Tested and Trusted Data Organization and Reference Experience

In over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder of Phase Eleven worked on the organization, reference, reporting, updating and archiving of chapter 11 case materials used in court filings, service of process, schedules and statements, claims, solicitation and disbursement issues. 

The same administrative expertise provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices is now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

The founder of Phase Eleven responded to case professional data inquiries, worked with computer database organization solutions, developed customized solutions for case information, categorized and organized tens of thousands of files, interpreted countless data requests for schedules and statements, claims, solicitation and disbursement issues.   

The sum of this work experience led to the development of data organization and reference knowledge, skills, abilities, methods, standards and tools  to organize, proactively prepare for and reactively respond to chapter 11 data organization operation challenges

Experience based data organization challenges include:

  • Knowledge of content and workings of chapter 11 data and organizational systems
  • Skills to review, analyze, and record pleading data, objections, responses and related documents
  • Data organization concepts and structure details
  • Standards for organization and update of data using leading edge technology
  • Methods to train case professionals in techniques of data preparation, organization, filing and retrieval
  • Technological database tools which provide comprehensive data organization and reference

At Phase Eleven, we know and understand data organization issues because we have experience with the contents, purpose and procedures of electronic data organization and implementation.

We developed a substantial part of our Microsoft SQL Server database to provide detailed organization, record keeping and reporting to alleviate the data organization burden placed on case professionals. 

Expertise: Data Organization and Reference Services

Phase Eleven provides comprehensive solutions to data organization and reference case service issues.  We will leverage our Microsoft SQL Server-enabled Relational Restructuring Database to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely data reference services.

As an example, preparing, filing and communicating monthly and quarterly financial reports with lenders or the U.S. Trustee means amassing large amounts of data, which may be used at a later date for exit financing or creditors committee counsel class settlement discussions

Regardless of whether you need to organize communications, diligence, documents or pleadings which occur pre-petition, post petition, or post confirmation, our database will provide the cross-reference, grouping and immediate access you need to respond to rapidly changing restructuring conditions.

Retaining Phase Eleven as your administrative services provider will ensure a wealth of well organized data for secure online reference, which results in cost and time savings to case professionals and the company alike.

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