Diligence Support Expertise

Expertise: Diligence Overview 

Diligence for documents and pleadings needed to restructure the company is constantly developed over the course of a chapter 11 case.  Restructuring efforts such as business operations, corporate governance, financing arrangements and litigation will require diligence or factual information to complete for exchange with an opposing party or filing with the court.

Phase Eleven will keep all those diligence materials organized for easy present and future access for the benefit of case professionals, creditors and the company.  Benefits such as quicker response times, more comprehensive data and lower maintenance costs. 

The Phase Eleven Microsoft SQL Server-enabled database will be your source for all diligence organization and reporting needs, while our staff of trained chapter 11 professionals will provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to expertly organize and respond to all case diligence needs.

We will work with case professionals and the company to organize diligence in response to asset sale and litigation restructuring issues such as:

We will leverage our chapter 11 training and Relational Restructuring Database to provide comprehensive organization, reporting and response to all diligence issues which arise during the course of a case.

Expertise: Tested and Trusted Diligence Experience

In over fifty chapter 11 cases, the founder of Phase Eleven worked with hundreds of thousands of pages of diligence materials used for documents and pleadings needed to restructure various companies.  

During this time, the founder worked with existing diligence systems for organization, storage, reference, reporting and archiving of diligence used in business operations, corporate governance, financing arrangements and litigation restructuring efforts.

The founder of Phase Eleven achieved administrative diligence excellence with simplified resource solutions and saw a need for a diligence database which would comprehensively respond to all restructuring issues, which could recycle information from previous restructuring efforts to present restructuring responses, and one that is available via secure online access to case professionals and the debtor company for case efficiencies and ultimately, cost savings.   

The same administrative expertise provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices is now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

The sum of this work experience led to the development of our Microsoft SQL Server enabled diligence database and a diligence support team which embodies the founder's chapter 11 knowledge, skills and abilities to provide comprehensive diligence services regardless of the case need.  Experience based diligence support such as:

  • Knowledge of content and purpose of diligence materials to pleadings
  • Skills to review, analyze and record pleading diligence, objections and responses
  • Diligence organization concepts and tactical details
  • Standards for organization: access and update of diligence information
  • Methods to train case professionals in techniques of diligence preparation, organization, reporting and archiving
  • Technological database tools which provide comprehensive diligence organization

At Phase Eleven, we know and understand diligence issues because we have experience with the contents and purpose of diligence materials for expert electronic organization, reporting, and archiving.

We developed a substantial part of our Microsoft SQL Server database to provide detailed diligence organization, record keeping and reporting to alleviate the administrative diligence burden placed on case professionals. 

Expertise: Diligence Support Services

Phase Eleven provides comprehensive solutions to diligence support services issues.  Using a chapter 11 asset sale as a diligence support example:

A single asset sale can involve the assembly and organization of diligence related to assets, claims, contracts, contacts, employees, liabilities and tax information.  In response to asset sale issues:

  • Phase Eleven will leverage diligence support expertise to construct a separate, distinct and secure online area to store all related diligence materials
  • Our case professionals will research the Relational Restructuring Database for existing diligence materials and provide findings to counsel. 
  • Our case professionals will provide reports of existing diligence, accept newly created diligence, and organize all diligence for case professionals' document and pleading preparation. 

Regardless of the restructuring response, we have the expertise and technology to provide comprehensive diligence support for all your case administration needs. 

Phase Eleven diligence support - ensuring a wealth of well-organized data for secure online reference for cost and time savings.

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