Case Preparation Expertise

Expertise: Case Preparation Overview

Case preparation in a chapter 11 involves collection of information for preparation and filing of chapter 11 pleadings with a bankruptcy court for federal bankruptcy judge approval.  The approval or court order will protect a company from pre-petition creditors.  Attached is an informative article on chapter 11 case preparation: Chapter 11 Case Preparation

In the case preparation phase of the case, attorneys, advisors and Phase Eleven work with the debtor company to assemble and prepare diligence materials for the preparation of chapter 11 pleadings for filing with the federal bankruptcy court and service on creditors.

Case administration services for chapter 11 pleading preparation involve the collection, organization, reporting, tracking and updating of all diligence materials. 

Case preparation is also a time to communicate chapter 11 concepts, goals and timing with company personnel to develop good working relationships which benefit the restructuring. 

Phase Eleven's case preparation knowledge, skills, abilities, methodologies, standards and technology are designed and developed directly from the founder's eleven years and over fifty chapter 11 cases.

The same administrative expertise provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices is now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Expertise: Tested and Trusted Case Preparation Experience

Work at two of the country's largest law firm chapter 11 case practices provided the founder of Phase Eleven Consultants with a wealth of case preparation experience including, but not limited to:

  • Communication with company executives and management 
  • Corporate debt structure charts
  • Checklists of diligence information
  • Exhibits to all first day pleadings
  • Good standings 
  • Lien summaries
  • Notice list preparation
  • Pleading templates
  • Review and revision of first day pleadings
  • Schedules and statements advanced planning 
  • Service of process planning
  • Specialized noticing
  • Suggestions of bankruptcy

Case preparation experience - which the founder developed into greater chapter 11 knowledge, skills, abilities, methods and standards - became Phase Eleven's "Elements of Excellence", which we apply to every chapter 11 issue in every chapter 11 case.

We developed a substantial part of our Microsoft SQL Server database to provide detailed organization, record keeping and reporting to alleviate the administrative case preparation burden placed on case professionals. 

Expertise: Case Preparation Services

Whether we are assisting with diligence requests, first day pleadings, notice list preparation, or pleading exhibits, we are prepared to provide solid support for all of your case preparation issues including, but not limited to:

We will leverage our leading edge Microsoft SQL Server database to provide case support, communications, compliance materials, comprehensive organization and filed pleadings for reference and re-use for all case preparation services.

Phase Eleven consultants will reinforce chapter 11 concepts, goals, processes, and timing with company employees and management, which are unique to the debtor company's particular restructuring efforts.   

The Phase Eleven case preparation team's expertise will provide the methodologies and standards for comprehensive case preparation on your next chapter 11 case.

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.