Post Petition Chapter 11 Results

Post Petition Chapter 11 Case Overview

The post petition phase of the case begins when voluntary petitions for each debtor company are filed with the federal bankruptcy court.

Outstanding results for the post petition phase are centered around assisting case professionals, creditors and the company with a combination of restructuring operations and chapter 11 case compliance issues.

Outstanding results mean delivery and organization of pinpoint diligence related to accounts payable processing, company operations, debt structure and employees for business operation pleadings, case administration and chapter 11 compliance.

Outstanding results mean aggressive project management for the processing and rapid execution of schedules and statements, claims and solicitation processes. 

Outstanding results mean clear, pointed communication with the company about content, constructs, purpose and timing of documents and events related to chapter 11 pleadings and the bankruptcy case. 

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Outstanding results mean maximization of our Microsoft SQL Server powered Relational Restructuring Database for creditor history and re-use for all current and future communications compliance materials and  filed court pleadings.

Post Petition Chapter 11 Case Results

The founder of Phase Eleven leveraged his chapter 11 skills and abilities into production tools and methods to create a team of highly trained professionals who realize real time results for case professionals, creditors and the company alike.

Our post petition team will drive outstanding results by assisting professionals with information assembly and preparation for company restructuring, case compliance and chapter 11 confirmation issues including, but not limited to:

§  Business Operations

§  Case Administration

§  Claims Processing

§  Data Organization  

§  Diligence Support        

§  Noticing

§  Schedules and Statements

§  Solicitation

As part of our solid results, our post petition case management teams will provide insight and a team oriented atmosphere, fostering goodwill and a commitment to production-based results for the following:

Business Operations: Assist company with creditor information and legal noticing for asset abandonment, asset sales, contracts, data management, operational liens and operational compliance.

Case Administration: Assist case professionals and creditors with information regarding hearing dates, objection deadlines, contact information, response to creditor inquiries, clustering of pleadings, company and creditor communications, case status updates, bankruptcy code deadlines, court ordered deadlines, transactional deadlines and U.S. Trustee requirements.

Claims Processing and Resolution: Assist company and case professionals with proof of claim processing, including database mailing, intake, review, and reporting of filed claims, creditor inquiry response, claims transfer processing, claims objection custom service and follow up, claims order service of process, response tracking and claims classification for solicitation.

Data Organization and Reference: Creditor information from all services is matched and cross-referenced in our Relational Restructuring Database for business operations and case management reporting and summary.

Diligence Support: Diligence materials produced in response to 2004 document production, preference actions, relief from stay and other chapter 11 related litigation actions are organized and recorded in our database for quick response and historical reference.

Noticing: Assist company and case professionals with legal service, distribution and certification of bankruptcy pleadings, track and report on filed objections, group filed objections on case management website.

Schedules and Statements: Interview company and prepare draft schedules and statements with case professionals and company for court filing.  Prepare individual post filing schedule amendments on as needed basis.

Solicitation: Assist company and case professionals with solicitation class and materials preparation for plan of reorganization.  Assist with solicitation packaging, mailing, tracking, recording, reporting, tabulation and validation.

Each of the above phases and efforts involve communications, documents and highly skilled project management occurring in a series of well-coordinated movements to ensure comprehensive, efficient and cost effective restructuring results.

Phase Eleven will drive all of your post petition administrative results for maximum cost efficiency and case effectiveness.

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