Traditional Chapter 11 Results

Traditional Post Confirmation Chapter 11 Case Results

These chapter 11 cases proceed without any agreement among institutional creditors and seek to stabilize the company operations as quickly as possible under bankruptcy protection.

A traditional chapter 11 must meet the bankruptcy code requirements with regard to schedules of assets and liabilities and statements of financial affairs, proof of claim processing, class solicitation and creditor disbursement.

Results for a traditional chapter 11 in the post confirmation phase of the case place a heavy emphasis on simultaneous stabilization of company operations and implementation of our teams working together to: 

  • Provide diligence for the assessment of remaining business operations to increase cash reserves for payment of approved claims and funding current operations of the remaining estate.
  • Provide reports of pre-petition and post petition data for estate administrator.
  • Provide relevant pleading precedent and executed agreements for estate resolution.
  • Record and track filed post confirmation estate pleadings.
  • Establish bankruptcy code, court ordered, objection and transactional deadlines.
  • Record and compile estate trust administrator and creditor communications.
  • Update all revised contact information.
  • Respond to creditor inquiries.
  • Assist post confirmation estate administrator with U.S. Trustee requirements.
  • Provide case status updates.
  • Group filed court pleadings onto case management webpage.
  • Assist state administrator with analysis and approval or objection of claims.
  • Provide customized claims objection to estate creditors.
  • Update database, including claims orders and preparation for disbursement.
  • Record, track, report and provide online access to all post confirmation events.
  • Interrelate case events, court entries, creditors, pleadings and professionals.
  • Provide a comprehensive record for reference to respond to all estate issues.     
  • Provide estate administrator diligence and case precedent for 363 asset sales.
  • Provide estate administrator asset abandonment
  • Assist estate administrator with all claims litigation.
  • Prepare and report on disbursement diligence to estate administrator.
  • Assist with information and processing related to general estate litigation.
  • Provide preference actions diligence.
  • Issue reports and coordinate with third party payment agencies for equities distribution.
  • Issue, mail, and follow up with cash settlement and equities distribution.
  • Manage disbursement database.
  • Provide comprehensive service of process fulfillment.
  • Respond to return to sender follow-up.
  • Provide secure online access and customized reporting.

The same results-driven administrative services provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices are now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Founder's Casework Results Example-Movie Gallery, Inc.

In re Movie Gallery, Inc., Case No. 07-33849, United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, Filed October 16, 2007, Confirmed April 10, 2008. Movie Gallery, Inc. operated over 4,000 retail locations across the United States under the Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video brand names.

Founder's casework responsibilities which align with Phase Eleven post confirmation case work include, but are not limited to: mentoring and training of legal assistant directly responsible for assisting with post confirmation estate wind down efforts, utility shutoff creditor and third party inquiry response, and preparation of utility deposit reports and settlement materials for post confirmation return or setoff of funds.

Phase Eleven will apply the same post confirmation case administration organizational methods and standards which earned the founder accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion, and recommendations - to your post confirmation traditional chapter 11 case. 

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