Firm Overview

Phase Eleven Consultants - Next Generation Administrative Services Firm

We are the next generation of administrative service firms providing comprehensive case services and support to chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy cases.  Establishing high standards and delivering on them, we will conquer all of your chapter 11 challenges.

Chapter 11: A Phase in The Lifecycle

The name "Phase Eleven" is derived from the idea that chapter 11 restructuring is critical to the extension of a company's lifecycle.  Chapter 11 allows a troubled company to restructure its debts and operations in an organized fashion and extend its business lifecycle instead of sliding into decline and closure. 

Through the use of chapter 11, troubled companies have a chance to, among other objectives, preserve jobs and continue providing and purchasing goods or services. 

Through the use of chapter 11, continuity can remain in the business community and a troubled company can extend its business lifecycle. 

Extending The Business Lifecycle Through Chapter 11 Can Be Challenging

A chapter 11 restructuring involves bankruptcy code rules and statutes, compliance requirements, creditor demands, local court rules and orders, filed pleadings and United States Trustee regulations. 

During a chapter 11, the company itself will undergo significant changes to, among other things, business operations, corporate organization, executive leadership, employee issues, financial reporting and go-to-market strategies and tactics.  

Knowledgeable and skilled attorneys and advisors will guide the company through these chapter 11 challenges as they occur in each phase of the restructuring, whether pre-petition, post petition, or post confirmation

Knowledgeable and skilled attorneys and advisors will need an administrative services firm capable of supporting the company and their case professionals through these chapter 11 challenges. 

Phase Eleven Consultants - Conquering Your Chapter 11 Challenges

Phase Eleven Consultants will conquer your chapter 11 challenges at every point in a chapter 11 case.   

Phase Eleven Consultants is the administrative services firm to provide expertise, people power, services and technology to achieve cutting edge, comprehensive results for case professionals, creditors, the court and the United States Trustee throughout the course of a chapter 11 case.

Expertise Established From Daily Case Work Experience 

Our expertise in administrative services is based on eleven years of chapter 11 experience at two of the country's largest law firm bankruptcy practice groups.

Eleven years and tens of thousands of hours of daily chapter 11 creditor and debtor experience offered abundant opportunities for professional chapter 11 development.

During this time, the founder developed knowledge, skills, abilities, methods and standards for work processes, procedures, training and quality control for chapter 11 case.  The experience that led to the development of Phase Eleven's chapter 11 expertise, which we skillfully apply to every case. 

Effect of Eleven Years of Daily Case Work Experience

The high standards expected of administrative professionals at premier law firm bankruptcy practice groups are the same extremely high standards we apply to all our people and all our case work at Phase Eleven Consultants. 

Our people are rigorously trained in chapter 11 concepts, procedures and timing in order to proactively approach each administrative effort and rapidly respond to each urgent request. 

Our custom technology, developed directly from our exacting law firm administrative experience, will process, document and report on all administrative tasks and will be customized to  specific case needs of chapter 11 debtors, their industry and the professionals who support their restructuring.

Our aggressive project management approach, honed from tens of thousands of hours of complex and contested chapter 11 case work, cemented our knowledge, skills and abilities that we apply to all of our case work today.   

Phase Eleven, developed from the demanding standards of real time chapter 11 debtor case work, stands ready to apply eleven years of excellence to your most demanding chapter 11 challenges to deliver outstanding results.

Our outstanding results will provide an unparalleled commitment to the success of your chapter 11 restructuring for the extension of your business lifecycle.   

Phase Eleven Working Standard: Knowledge is Purpose  

Every Phase Eleven consultant is rigorously trained in the concepts, purposes, language, pleading content, timing and workflow of chapter 11 bankruptcies because we believe that with knowledge comes a greater sense of purpose and a stronger commitment to success.   

The consultant who knows the purpose of a specific pleading and how that pleading will affect the outcome in a federal bankruptcy court for a troubled company is a committed consultant.   Committed because they understand that miscommunication can lead to mistakes.  Committed because persistent project management means a positive impact for case professionals, the company and its creditors.  Committed because the collective knowledge of each Phase Eleven consultant contributes to the success of the case which means success for the troubled company.

Phase Eleven Working Standard: Comprehensive Case Support

Chapter 11 requires comprehensive case support because it involves a large mix of business operations, committees, creditors, events, procedures, professionals and rules all interrelated to one another and all moving at an astonishingly rapid rate.  

The Phase Eleven services necessary to comprehensively support such a complicated mix of issues were forged in the trenches of tens of thousands of hours of daily chapter 11 case work.

During eleven years of debtor work experience, the founder rigorously trained administrative case professionals to provide superior service in all aspects of the chapter 11 case.  The training evolved into a series of standards and methodologies, which form the basis for a Phase Eleven consultant's approach to each issue which arises during a case.   

The same administrative customer service provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices is now available for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

Phase Eleven Working Standard: Achieve Excellence

Our standards, which achieved excellence at premier law firm bankruptcy practices, are based on a belief that as a service provider you seek excellence at every point in turn, that you never say no to an assignment or a request and that you are always available no matter what.

Our methodologies focus on utilizing a core set of chapter 11 knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to the daily demands of debtor case work.  Whether interacting with creditor inquiries, reconciling received data, responding to case professional requests or company restructuring demands, or serving out pleadings, Phase Eleven consultants employ the absolute highest standards to achieve excellence in chapter 11 case work.

The Phase Eleven approach to chapter 11 case work embodies standards, methods, knowledge, skills, abilities and a level of commitment designed to provide excellence in every issue we respond to.    Phase Eleven consultants do not just "get" bankruptcy, they believe in it and approach each interaction as an opportunity to commit themselves to achieving excellence.

Our goal is not to dominate the administrative services market, our goal is to provide dominant client service on a case by case basis to the debtor, creditors, the courts, and the U.S. Trustee.

Count on Phase Eleven Consultants to achieve excellence in your next chapter 11 restructuring and experience our compelling commitment to conquering your chapter 11 challenges. 

Expertise Built on Experience: Overview

The founder of Phase Eleven dedicated over eleven years to chapter 11 case work at two of the country's largest law firm restructuring practice groups and started Phase Eleven Consultants out of a pressing need for comprehensive case administration services to chapter 11 cases.

The founder's work presented a wealth of challenges in every facet of a chapter 11, from pre-petition case preparation to post petition case administration and through post confirmation estate administration to case closure.  

The experience offered abundant opportunities to work with a wide range of companies and industries which sought restructuring relief through a variety of case types, from traditional to prearranged to prepackaged and liquidating chapter 11 cases.

The founder's efforts led to numerous accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion and recommendation.  They also lead to the development of a set of finely tuned methods,  processes, procedures, quality, standards, technology and training for achieving administrative excellence during a chapter 11 case.  We termed them the "Elements of Excellence", which our team applies to every assignment in every case to provide comprehensive administrative services.

Technology Solutions: Relational Restructuring Overview

Phase Eleven designed and developed a custom built computer database using Microsoft SQL Server technology for comprehensive processing of all data generated during a chapter 11 case.  All data includes, but is not limited to communications, company provided files, court orders, diligence materials, document production materials and filed pleadings.   

Based on tens of thousands of hours of real-world chapter 11 work experience, we developed a flexible data model to benefit all parties of a chapter 11 by providing an organizational relationship structure which records and reports data for comprehensive case information at reasonable costs. 

The same administrative customer service provided at top tier law firm bankruptcy practices is now available from Phase Eleven for all case professionals and debtor companies in need of chapter 11 excellence. 

We termed it the Relational Restructuring Database because it was designed to interrelate chapter 11 information occurring during the course of a case for future case needs.  Interrelationship translates into cost savings, faster emergency response, greater information availability and stronger productivity

By creating data relationships among communications, creditors, deadlines, diligence materials, document production materials, pleadings, responses, orders and outcomes, data becomes more valuable for present and future uses during a chapter 11 case.  These relationships are valuable to case professionals and the company in making decisions and providing information related to the restructuring, allowing for more predictive outcomes and reduced response time.  

A historical record which can provide rapid research, reports, and responses to creditor inquiries via secure online access, anywhere in the world? A database capable of tracking, grouping and reporting on creditor and debtor case activities to support all chapter 11 case services? A database which is customizable to the specific needs of the chapter 11 debtors, their industry and the professionals who support their restructuring? Now that's powerful and compelling technology which any case professional or company official can appreciate throughout the lifetime of the case.

Comprehensive database benefits, available to case professionals and company officials for the lifetime of the chapter 11 case, through secure online access include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis
  • Organization
  • Processing
  • Reporting
  • Searching 
  • Storage
  • Web information hosting

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