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Comprehensive Chapter 11 Services for All Case Types

Our comprehensive services concept was developed out of our founder's eleven years of chapter 11 case work experience at two of the country's premier debtor law firm practices. 

During the thousands of hours of daily case work, the founder saw a pressing need to provide notice and claims agent services, which covered all aspects of administrative efforts during the chapter 11 case, regardless of the type of case: traditional, liquidating traditional, prearranged or prepackaged.

At Phase Eleven, we believe that consideration of the case type, just like consideration of the company circumstances, is an essential part of providing comprehensive services to case professionals, creditors, debtor companies, the court and the U.S. Trustee.   Essential because just as company circumstances differ, so do case types in response to those circumstances and in turn, so should the way in which services are provided differ. 

For example, if a prepackaged chapter 11 case is chosen for a services-based business, the amount and timing of administrative demands will differ greatly from that of a traditional manufacturing company

Similarly, a prepackaged chapter 11 will require a heavy concentration of resources, planning and responsiveness during the pre-petition and immediate post petition phases, because it will face case preparation and class solicitation issues on a fast track to plan confirmation.  

Finally, a traditional chapter 11 might require less pre-petition resources and planning because, unlike the prepackaged chapter 11, solicitation would occur months into the post petition phase of the case. 

At Phase Eleven, our goal is to provide chapter 11 case services which support all chapter 11 case types in their restructuring efforts and so we offer the following administrative services to traditional, liquidating traditional, prearranged or prepackaged cases:

Phase Eleven has developed a set of exceptional methods and standards for achieving excellence for traditional, prearranged, prepackaged and liquidating traditional cases and is ready to take on your chapter 11 challenges. 

We invite you to take a moment to review our solutions for traditional, prearranged, prepackaged and liquidating traditional cases on the following pages or contact us for a presentation of our comprehensive services to meet your chapter 11 challenges.