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Our Comprehensive Services 

One reason to select Phase Eleven for your chapter 11 case is because we will provide some of the most comprehensive administrative services available in the market today.  

We believe that there are many reasons to select Phase Eleven for your next chapter 11:

Approach: The Phase Eleven approach to chapter 11 case work embodies standards, methods, knowledge, skills, abilities and a level of commitment designed to provide excellence in every issue we respond to.    A Phase Eleven consultant doesn't just "get" bankruptcy, they believe in it and approach each interaction as an opportunity to commit themselves to achieving excellence.  We are prepared to provide administrative excellence for your traditional, prearranged, prepackaged and liquidating chapter 11 cases in the pre-petition, post petition and post confirmation periods. 

Communication: Our consultants are able to communicate chapter 11 concepts, goals and timing with company personnel to develop good working relationships beneficial to the restructuring of the company, which foster team oriented atmosphere, goodwill and a commitment to solid case administration.  Our administrative teams will provide exacting processes, knowledgeable and skilled assistance, targeted information and rapid courteous responses to deliver outstanding services.

Comprehensive Need: Chapter 11 requires comprehensive case support because it involves a large mix of business operations, committees, creditors, events, procedures, professionals and rules all interrelated to one another and all moving at an astonishingly rapid rate.  

Experience: Our expertise in administrative services is developed from the demanding standards of over fifty chapter 11 debtor cases at two of the country's premier law firm restructuring practice groups.  Eleven years and tens of thousands of hours of daily chapter 11 creditor and debtor experience is the foundation for Phase Eleven's knowledge, skills, abilities, methods and standards for work processes, procedures, training and quality control for chapter 11 case work which we skillfully apply to every issue in every case. 

Knowledge: The consultant who knows the purpose of a specific pleading and how that pleading will affect the outcome in a federal bankruptcy court for a troubled company is a committed consultant.   Committed because they understand that miscommunication can lead to mistakes.  Committed because persistent project management means a positive impact for case professionals, the company and its creditors.  Committed because the collective knowledge of each Phase Eleven consultant contributes to the success of the case which means success for the troubled company.

Methodologies: Our methodologies focus on utilizing a core set of chapter 11 knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to the daily demands of debtor case work.  Whether interacting with creditor inquiries, reconciling received data, responding to case professional requests or company restructuring demands, or serving out pleadings, Phase Eleven consultants employ the absolute highest standards to achieve excellence in chapter 11 case work.

Project Management: Our aggressive project management approach, honed from tens of thousands of hours of complex and contested chapter 11 case work, cemented our knowledge, skills and abilities which we apply to all of our case work today.   

Results: The results expected from administrative and legal professionals at premier law firm bankruptcy practice groups are the same extremely high standards Phase Eleven consultants will utilize to produce sought after results in your next chapter 11 case.  High achieving professionals believe that comprehensive results mean taking responsibility for, and assuming completion of, all issues which arise during the course of an assignment.  High achieving administrative professionals know that success comes from the careful application of knowledge, skills and abilities to client expectations to provide outstanding results.

Standards: Our standards, which achieved excellence at premier law firm bankruptcy practices, are based on a belief that as a service provider you seek excellence at every point in turn, that you never say no to an assignment or a request and that you are always available no matter what.

Technology: Microsoft SQL Server technology is the foundation of our Relational Restructuring Database, which provides the most comprehensive array of data management, functionality, performance, scalability and security on the market today. 

The database design implements the highest standards of: data compression; backup compression; partitioned table parallelism; query parallelism; star join query optinizations; resource management; grouping sets; change data capture; merge SQL statements, and scalable integration services. 

Our database is redundantly hosted at several of the world's premier hosting facilities to ensure comprehensive and consistent case support access anytime, anywhere.  Our facility cyber centers utilize tomorrow's most advanced network connectivity, HVAC and fire suppression, power support, physical security and private/point-to-point network connectivity. 

Training: Every Phase Eleven consultant is rigorously trained in the concepts, purpose, language, pleading content, timing and workflow of chapter 11 bankruptcies because we believe that with knowledge comes a greater sense of purpose and a stronger commitment to success.   

Select Phase Eleven to provide an unparalleled commitment to comprehensive administrative services for the success of your chapter 11 case and the extension of your business lifecycle.  

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