Phase Eleven Overview

Firm Overview

Phase Eleven is a private consulting firm, founded by an experienced administrative professional, who specialized in providing comprehensive case administration services to chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.  Administration services for chapter 11 bankruptcy cases are necessary because companies:

  • Transact with tens, hundreds, or thousands of creditors
  • Have complex relationships with creditors that must be resolved
  • Have diverse, multi-faceted and complicated operations
  • Have operational restructuring challenges that involve endless documentation

Administrative services for bankruptcy cases are necessary because chapter 11:

  • Affords all creditors opportunities to review and respond to filed documents
  • Requires extensive documentation of creditor relationships
  • Causes the exchange and filing of hundreds or thousands of documents  
  • Data and due diligence from operations and relationships need organization

As your administrative services firm, Phase Eleven Consultants will provide chapter 11 expertise, project management, services, technology and results that lead to a successful and cost efficient restructuring for your company.     

Phase Eleven Expertise  

Eleven years of  highly demanding daily chapter 11 creditor and debtor experience offered abundant opportunities for the founder of Phase Eleven Consultants to develop chapter 11 knowledge, skills, abilities, methods and standards for work processes, procedures, training and quality control for chapter 11 administrative services case work.

This experience led to the development of Phase Eleven's chapter 11 expertise which we skillfully apply to every case such that:

  • The high standards expected of administrative professionals at premier law firm bankruptcy practice groups are the same extremely high standards that we apply to all of our people and all of our case work at Phase Eleven Consultants. 
  • Our people are rigorously trained in chapter 11 concepts, procedures and timing in order to proactively approach each administrative effort and rapidly respond to each reactive request. 
  • Our compelling technology, developed directly from our exacting law firm administrative experience processes, documents and reports on all administrative tasks and is customized to the specific case needs of chapter 11 debtors, their industry and the professionals who support their restructuring.
  • Our aggressive project management approach, honed from tens of thousands of hours of complex and contested chapter 11 case work, cements our knowledge, skills and abilities - tools that we will apply to all of our case work today.   

Phase Eleven Project Management  

Phase Eleven professionals are actively trained to employ learning strategies, critically think and reason along with case professionals, craft solutions to complex case issues, and provide concise written and spoken solutions for rapid response results.

Whether serving out legal pleadings, collecting and preparing thousands of documents for schedules and statements, preparing for a proof of claim mailing or coordinating a solicitation, our high project management standards help us to deliver well planned, accurate and rapid results.

Phase Eleven project management seeks to achieve the following for case professionals on every chapter 11 project:

§  Confidence in completion

§  Rapid, courteous response

§  Additions to historical creditor record

§  Relational Restructuring Database Accuracy

§  Well prepared court professionals

§  Easy to use technology

§  Well preparedness for creditor responses

§  Assurance of quality work

§  Accurate materials for negotiation

§  Continuous status

§  Instant online accessibility to records

§  Current pleadings/creditor communications

Phase Eleven Services

Offering comprehensive case services that support all administrative efforts needed throughout the course of a chapter 11 case, Phase Eleven's:

Prebankruptcy or Pre-petition Services:

  • Offer insight into content, constructs, purpose, and timing of chapter 11 documents and events
  • Assist professionals with information assembly, preparation and notification of first day pleadings
  • Organize and record pleading diligence in our Relational Restructuring Database for reference and re-use in all future communications, compliance materials and filed court pleadings 

During bankruptcy or Post Petition Services:

  • Assist case professionals, creditors, and debtor companies with a combination of restructuring operations and chapter 11 case compliance issues

  • Organize and deliver pinpoint diligence related to accounts payable processing, company operations, debt structure, and employees for business operation pleadings, case administration and chapter 11 compliance

  • Provide aggressive project management for processing and rapidly executing schedules and statements, claims and solicitation processes 

  • Provide clear, pointed communication with debtor companies about content, constructs, purpose, and timing of documents and events related to chapter 11 pleadings and the bankruptcy case   

After bankruptcy or Post Confirmation Services:

  • Assist estate administrator in maximizing remaining recovery to estate creditors through a combination of business operations, case administration, claims objection, disbursement and estate litigation
  • Organize and deliver pinpoint diligence related to creditor case history, case pleadings, company operations, court communications and U.S. Trustee compliance
  • Provide aggressive project management for the objection and resolution of class claims for future disbursement and execution of creditor class disbursement

Phase Eleven Technology:

Microsoft SQL Server technology is the foundation of our Relational Restructuring Database which provides the most comprehensive array of data management, functionality, performance, scalability and security on the market today. 

Our database design implements the highest standards of data compression, backup compression, partitioned table parallelism, query parallelism, star join query optimizations, resource management, grouping sets, change data capture, merge SQL statements, and scalable integration services. 

Our database is redundantly hosted at several of the world's premier hosting facilities to ensure comprehensive and consistent case support access anytime, anywhere.  Our facility cyber centers utilize tomorrow's most advanced network connectivity, HVAC and fire suppression, power support, physical security, and private/point-to-point network connectivity. 

Phase Eleven Results

The founder of Phase Eleven dedicated over eleven years to chapter 11 case work at two of the country's largest law firm restructuring practice groups.  The outstanding results of this case work lead to numerous accolades, outstanding reviews, promotion and recommendations.  It also led to the development of finely tuned project management standards which are at the heart of Phase Eleven's case results.

Standards established by this highly demanding real world client-side debtor experience are the standards we apply everyday to our administrative services business to achieve real world debtor case work results.

Standards leveraged for strong case results included but were not limited to:

  • Detailed and comprehensive work product
  • Knowledgeable, concise and courteous case information
  • Clear and responsive communication 

Phase Eleven stands ready to conquer all of your chapter 11 administrative case challenges with our full range of knowledge, skills and abilities developed in the trenches of daily chapter 11 case work.

Request a presentation of our comprehensive chapter 11 case solutions to conquer your chapter 11 challenges.