Consistent Creditor Records

A consistent creditor record coincides with Phase Eleven's comprehensive case administration services approach to chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.  We believe that a consistent creditor record is complete with all associated interactions including, but not limited to: court documents, chapter 11 compliance materials, communications, company comments, data and diligence.  All associated interactions form a complete picture of the estate creditor over the lifetime of the case:

By having a complete picture or a consistent creditor record on issues which include but are not limited to:

§  Business Operations

§  Case Administration

§  Case Preparation

§  Claims Processing

§  Data Organization

§  Diligence Support

§  Disbursement Services

§  Noticing

§  Post Confirmation Services

§  Schedules and Statements

§  Solicitation


case professionals and debtor companies are better able to quickly and efficiently reach a resolution which helps the chapter 11 case move rapidly.  We provide such comprehensive service because we don't just "get" bankruptcy, we believe in the fundamental fairness which chapter 11 provides for today's companies to conquer their challenges, deleverage their balance sheet, and renew growth in their business lifecycle.

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